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Princess Tessy releases statement on divorce case

Princess Tessy has released a statement on the judgment of Mr Justice Macdonald in her divorce case with Prince Louis of Luxembourg. Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg, is considering an appeal to the Court of Appeals.

Last week Mr Justice Macdonald released a judgment in the divorce case of Princess Tessy and her ex-husband Prince Louis of Luxembourg, son of the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg, started the case to receive financial support from her estranged husband as the two were unable to agree on the matter.

In the statement which Princess Tessy released on her social media accounts, she revealed that she is considering an appeal to the Court of Appeals as she does not agree with the judgment. In the ruling, Prince Louis, 32, had been ordered to pay £4,000 a year in support for each of his two sons with Tessy. Additionally, he will have to pay a nominal maintenance to her, as well.

In the court case, Prince Louis stated that he could not pay a large amount of money for to support his sons and estranged wife as he does not have a paying job but is said to be searching for one. In response, Princess Tessy said that she was “simply asking for a house for her and her children” as well as financial support.

Princess Tessy has also asked for rectification in several newspapers and other media. Some media have reported that the Princess receives a salary of her own for her work for Professors without Borders. Princess Tessy stresses that she does not receive a salary from the NGO and nor do the other volunteers and directors.

The second flaw in some media reporting has been that it has been ruled that she and her sons will be able to occupy the family’s home until her youngest son turns 18. However, this is not true: “She and her sons TRH Princes Gabriel and Noah have merely a six months license to occupy their home which could be terminated at any given moment in time leaving them without a home.”

It has been a tough time for Princess Tessy ever since she and her ex-husband Prince Louis announced their separation. Several media branded her as ‘a gold digger’. Mr Justice Macdonald denied this as he stated: “the use of that malign characterisation is both unfair and unwarranted.”

In her statement, Princess Tessy also expresses this: “It is a very disappointing and sad time for Her. No mother should go through something like this.” Princess Tessy also asked to be left alone by the press: “She would appreciate a period of calm and would be grateful for privacy and respect towards Her family and herself.”

Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg, ended her statement with thanking those who have supported her through these difficult times. In the name of herself and her two boys, she also wishes everyone “a wonderful Christmas, good health and a happy New Year 2019.”

It was announced on 18 January 2017 by the Grand Ducal Court of Luxembourg that Prince Louis and Princess Tessy were to divorce with proceedings taking place in London, where they had resided with their two sons, Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah, for several years. Princess Tessy currently works for her NGO Professors without Borders, as UNAIDS ambassador and does humanitarian work in general.

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