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Crown Prince Pavlos to relocate to Greece following his succession as head of the Greek Royal Family

Crown Prince Pavlos will relocate to Greece following the death of his father, Constantine II, and his succession as head of the Greek Royal Family.

According to Greek media, His Royal Highness wishes to settle permanently in Greece sometime in 2023.

At the moment, the Crown Prince of Greece lives in New York alongside his, Crown Prince Marie-Chantal, where they enjoy professional activities.

The Crown Princess also works a lot from London and spends a lot of time in Great Britain.

Journalist Giorgos Liagas broke the news on Greek television shortly before Constaitine’s funeral commenced, and has since been cited by several newspapers.

According to Liagas, Crown Prince Pavlos is already in the process of finding a residence in Athens, and in the coming months there will be a permanent residence for the new head of the now defunct Greek Royal Family.

The Crown Prince couple have five children, although it is uncertain whether they will also move to Greece as most of them study and work in the USA.

The Crown Prince’s father, King Constantine, was able to return to Greece in 2012 after 46 years in forced exile. He and Queen Anne-Marie lived permanently in the country since 2012. Last year it was known that they had sold their home in the Greek city of Porto Heli and moved to Athens where Constantine spent the final few months of his life.

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