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Queen Margrethe interviewed by Danes as her Golden Jubilee approaches

By Johannes Jansson/, CC BY 2.5 dk,

In just a few days time, Denmark will mark 50 years since Queen Margrethe of Denmark took the throne when her father died. The Queen has therefore participated in a large number of interviews, and an interview that attracted much attention was on the Danish TV channel DT. The largest TV channel in Denmark has had ordinary people ask their questions directly to Queen Margrethe.

As part of the celebration of H.M. Queen Margrethe II’s anniversary, a selected group of Danes were invited to ask Queen Margrethe a very special question of their choice. A total of 18 Danes ask the Queen questions in a show to be broadcast on TV. However, DR has posted some of the questions on their Facebook page ahead of the programme going out.

A taxi driver, Torben Dahl, asked Queen Margrethe on her view on the privileges of being Queen. To this Her Majesty answered: “I am the head of state, and therefore there are certain things that come with that position. It is a big commitment and there are good sides to it that make life good for me. Nevertheless, I am aware that I am very privileged in many ways. I know that very well. It is also something that my parents were very aware of. Therefore, they raised me and my sisters to be aware of it. My husband and I also raised our two sons in the same spirit, with the idea that one has privileges and therefore should perform. It has therefore been important to me that my two sons also raise their children to think this way. One is privileged, therefore one must perform where it is required”.

Ida Edelmark, wondered about something a little less serious. She wanted to know if Queen Margrethe ever used to eat her dinner on the sofa while watching TV. The Queen clearly thought it was a really funny question and replied: “Mostly I do not, I must say. I am a supporter of keeping food separate and TV separate”.

After the recordings for the broadcast “The Danes interview the Queen” had taken place in the Garden Hall at Fredensborg Castle, Her Majesty the Queen was photographed with the 18 Danes in the Dome Hall.

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