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Queen Margrethe celebrates major anniversary for important royal residence

DR TV still/ fair use

Queen Margrethe of Denmark has marked the 300th anniversary of Fredensborg Palace – an anniversary close to the Queen’s heart.

The anniversary was celebrated on 17 May in a large event arranged by the Fredensborg municipality, where the home is located. Several hundred turned up to join the celebration with the Queen. School children and music corps from the local community took part in making their mark on the big celebration, including the Queen’s Royal Guard.

Queen Margrethe participated in the main event held in the palace’s inner courtyard. A ceremony with musical elements, speeches and stories from the palace’s 300-year history took place. The Queen was also surprised with a beautiful gift on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of her reign, five marble benches.

The Queen also gave a short speech to those present to tell about how much the building means to her.

This was a celebration specifically aimed at school children. The Royal Court had exhibited several of the Queen’s older cars, which the children learned more about.

After the Queen had left the palace, the celebration continued locally. The municipality’s secondary schools and libraries had several events that lasted throughout the evening.

Construction on the brick Fredensborg Palace started in 1719. It took several years to build, so it was not until 1722 that the palace was ready for royal use for King Frederik IV. Today, the Queen uses the palace for three months in the spring and three months in the autumn. It also serves as a major tourist attraction.

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