Princess Marie visits DanChurchAid projects in Skive as Patron

On 30 April, Princess Marie was in Skive to visit two projects supported by the DanChurchAid foundation of which she is the patron.

Princess Marie first visited the company Nordic Food Partners, which produces organic rice for primarily Nordic retail chains. The company recently started a collaboration with DanChurchAid. They decided to give the rice that they couldn’t sell to DanChurchAid’s WeFood stores instead of destroying them. WeFood stores sell goods that regular supermarkets can’t sell for different reasons such as incorrect labels or damaged packaging. The products found in WeFood are still edible and safe to consume according to the Danish food legislation.

©Claus Bonnerup

About their collaboration with Nordic Food Partners, DCA said: “Every month, Nordic Food Partners discards several tons of organic rice, which inevitably gets a little cut in the rice grain in the process, where rice is upgraded from brown to polished white rice. The rice has 100% the same nutritional value, ecological status, taste and fragrance as whole rice. The only difference is that the smaller rice grains only need to boil for half the time.”

©Claus Bonnerup

Afterwards, Princess Marie visited the Skive Military Unit. For the past 12 years, DanChurchAid has trained participants from all over the world in an intensive course on locating and disposing of deadly bombs and ammunition (Explosive Ordnance Disposal – EOD). Princess Marie had the opportunity to see the many techniques and equipment used for clearing mines and other remnants of war. She also had the chance to experience a detonation of a landmine at very close quarters.

©Claus Bonnerup

Both of these events were closely linked to Princess Marie. She has been involved in the fight against food waste for a few years, and she opened the first WeFood store in 2016. DanChurchAid started their campaign against landmines back in April 2018, and Princess Marie released a video message in support. Last month, she visited an exhibition about landmines in Varde.