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Princess Marie shares summer holidays photos of her children

The Danish Royal Court shared photos of Prince Henrik and Princess Athena during their summer holidays at Chateau de Cayx – the Danish Royal Family’s summer residence – in the South of France. The photos were taken by Princess Marie.

Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, and their two children arrived at Cayx in the past few days as they spent at least the first two weeks of July with Princess Marie’s family. Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix, Prince Joachim’s eldest children, stayed in Denmark where they went on holidays with their mother, Countess Alexandra and family friends.

Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, and their children haven’t taken part in the annual Gråsten photoshoot with the rest of the Royal Family since 2015. They reportedly went on holidays in Tanzania in 2015, and they have been going to France instead since 2016 – spending at least two weeks in Cayx and the rest with French-born Princess Marie’s family. The annual Gråsten photoshoot didn’t take place this year, but it is unclear whether or not it was an exception or if it will no longer happen.

In the photos taken by Princess Marie, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena are seen climbing trees to pick up fruits. Princess Marie – who fights against food waste along with several Danish associations – has said several times that it is important for her that her children learn that buying food in local shops or farms is good and economical.

While Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, and their children will leave the Chateau de Cayx at the end of July, Queen Margrethe will spend two weeks in Cayx during her annual holiday in August. Exceptionally, she will have an official event during her stay as she will hold a press conference for French media about the French state visit to Denmark that will take place at the end of August.