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Princess Marie officially opens Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival

On Thursday, Princess Marie officially opened the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival in Copenhagen.

This year’s edition marks the third year of the new CCFF. Indeed, this new version of the festival was created in 2016 when the original festival ‘Copenhagen Cooking’ decided to collaborate with the Food Organization of Denmark. Since 2012, Marie has been the patron of Copenhagen Cooking, she later became patron of the CCFF.

More about the CCFF: “Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is an annual event which celebrates the culinary culture of Copenhagen as well as the whole of Denmark as a great food country. The festival is for everyone who loves food and hosts more than 100 unique events over ten days at the end of August. Our official theme, ‘Breaking the New’, signals that the festival offers unique and different dining experiences and showcases the latest food trends. Every year some 80,000 festival-goers attend to celebrate Nordic cuisine, seasonal produce, and other great culinary experiences.”

Princess Marie’s main cause over the past few years has been the fight against food waste and this year’s edition of the festival will focus on this cause.

Princess Marie talked about food waste in her opening speech: ” I am pleased that the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival this year has focused on the UN World Goal 12 on food waste, which is a matter that is very important to me personally.  […] Worldwide, one-third of all food is wasted. The waste takes place both on the ground, in production and in households. Global food waste amounts to 1.3 billion tonnes a year and is enough to feed 3 billion people! So it’s incredibly important that we get better and more aware of what we’re throwing out. Every Dane throws almost 50 kg of edible food out a year. And that’s too much.”

She also recalled her experience teaching children about food waste earlier this year:“I had the pleasure of promoting the fight against food waste myself with some amazing children in my own home back in January. There I, together with chef Timm Vladimir,  and the food savvy activist Selina Juul made a whole menu of surplus food together with 10 talented and dedicated children, all of whom had been a trip to the Arla Fund MadLejr. So out of big beetroot, old bread, crushed potatoes and carrot stuff, we created a lunch, which we all had, including my own two children, to eat.”

In addition to being the patron of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, Princess Marie is also the Patron of the ‘Better Food for More People – World Food Summit’ which will take place on 30 and 31 August in Copenhagen with Princess Marie in attendance.