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Brussels’ Royal Palace brings in 100,000 visitors over last month

Since its first official summer opening in 1965, the Belgian Royal Palace has continued the tradition that allows visitors to explore the site while the monarch goes on holiday. The summer opening begins on 22 July, which marks the day after the national bank holiday, and concludes on 2 September.

New reports were released by the King’s press service, which stated that the Royal Palace in Brussels had been visited more than 100,000 times since its opening in July. When touring the Royal Palace, visitors can explore reception and staterooms, all enriched with history and culture. Although tourists won’t see the Royal Family, this palace still represents a place where the still King works and receives. Mainly the Palace is used for affairs of state, but also houses the services of the Grand Marshal of the Court and the King’s Head of Cabinet.

The King and his family’s residence is at the Palace of Laeken, on the outskirts of Brussels. It’s been over a half a century since the monarch has lived in the Royal Palace of Brussels, but it remains the headquarters of the Belgian Constitutional Monarchy.

Photos released to mark the occasion of King Phillippe’s first five years on the throne.Photo: Koninklijk Paleis / Palais Royal / Koniglicher Palast / Royal Palace

This architectural gem was destroyed by a fire in 1731 but was rebuilt in 1820 by William I. By 1904, King Leopold II decided to do a major renovation on the Palace, ultimately mirroring designs of Louis XIV’s Palace of Versailles.
Each year exhibitions are created to draw in more visitors. This year’s theme tries to showcase wonder through an unparalleled display of art and science. All of the pieces are meant to represent the countries rich history and cultural heritage. Two other exhibitions will be set up, which will be called Pure – Science in its Purest State and Royal Palace, Where History is Written.
When visiting Brussels, this is one piece of history one should not miss.