Princess Marie attends the opening of Too Good To Go’s new store in Frederiksberg

Today, Princess Marie opened the new Too Good To Go store with Selina Juul, the founder of Stop Spild Af Mad, and Mette Lykke, the CEO of Too Good To Go.

Too Good To Go is the world’s largest online platform for surplus food. Through the app, everyone can take action against food waste and help us achieve our vision of a world with no waste. Today almost 6 million meals have been saved, and the app has 4.6 million users in eight countries. The Too Good To Go app was originally created by five young entrepreneurs and started in 2016. On 1st July 2016, Mette Lykke, co-founder of Endomondo, came on board as CEO. There are 160 employees in total, of which 50 are based in Denmark.

© Kristian Juul Pedersen

“Every year a third of all food ends up in a landfill. Almost 40% of Europe’s food waste happens before the food reaches the stores and that’s why we have created our own space where we can offer goods direct from manufacturers and wholesalers. We feel that addressing the issue higher up the chain is key in order to have a bigger impact on the food waste issue,” says Mette Lykke.

Urtekram, Knorr and Santa Maria are already on the list of brands which will be available at the new store. All the products are entirely edible but, for one reason or another, they aren’t able to be sold in the supermarket because they are nearing the final date of sale, have a badly printed label or, in one way or another, do not comply with the standards of supermarkets. Urtekram’s CEO Peter Overgaard says: ”For us, it’s important to support new sustainable initiatives. Too Good To Go is making it possible for us to sell the products that have an expiry date that’s too short for the supermarket to accept.”

© Kristian Juul Pedersen

During the opening reception, Princess Marie explained that she knew about the app and was using it, too. When asked by Billed-Bladet how she learned about the app, she said it was thanks to Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix. The store was officially opened when Marie made an order from the app and received her order at the counter.

Mette Lykke also wants the store to help change the habits we have at home regarding food waste: “The store is a pickup point, but there will also be lots of help and information available on how to change habits at home. We also invite students to stop by and get help on their assignments on food waste. Our ambition is for it to become a real hub, the heart of our food waste community.”