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New Photographs show Danish Princely family in Greenlandic dress

As recognition of their forthcoming copper anniversary, 12.5 years of marriage, Post Greenland have released stamps this week of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary together with their family in the traditional Greenlandic dress. The pictures were taken by Steen Brogaard, and examples of the pictures and other pictures of the children at play have been released on the Danish Royal Family’s Facebook page.

Crown Prince Frederik married Australian marketing consultant Mary Donaldson in Copenhagen Cathedral on 14th May 2004 with the blessing of his mother, Queen Margarethe. They had first met when the Crown Prince attended the Sydney Olympics in 2000, as he is a member of the International Olympic Committee and a keen sportsman. They now have four children: Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

As well as his trip to Sydney in 2000, the Crown Prince also took part in Operation Sirius 2000 as a photographer. This was a nearly 5-month dog sled expedition in Greenland to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Sirius Patrol. This elite two-man patrol is perhaps one of the most extreme military patrols in the world and is designed to ensure Danish Sovereignty in Northern Greenland as it goes deep into the Arctic Circle. The Crown Prince is also Patron of the Greenlandic Society.

Greenland is an autonomous country within the Danish realm since it was granted home-rule following a vote of its people. Perhaps ironically, it is the greenest place because it derives 70% of energy from renewable sources. Although geographically closer to the American continent, it has had cultural links with Europe and especially Scandinavia for just over a thousand years, though mainly through Norwegian links. However, when the Norwegian population was decimated by the Black Death, both countries were ruled from Copenhagen. When this union ceased in 1814, Greenland became a Danish colony and was accepted into the Danish realm in 1953.