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Luxembourg and Danish royals express sadness over Jacques Chirac’s death

©-Cour Grand Ducale/Sophie Margue

Several royals expressed their condolences to French President Emmanuel Macron and Bernadette Chirac, the wife of Jacques Chirac, following the death of the latter. The former President of France (1995-2007) died in his home at 86.

They said: “It is with great emotion that we have just learned of the death of your dear husband, Mr Jacques Chirac. We salute in him the man who embodied the values of his country so well while at the same time having a bond of affection and proximity with his compatriots. His person raised respect across borders and Luxembourg loses in Mr Chirac a faithful and attentive friend. We send you and your loved ones our very sincere condolences and we show you our deep affection.”

Queen Margrethe of Denmark also sent her condolences to President Macron in a letter written in French. She said: “It is with great sadness that I learned of the death of President Jacques Chirac. France has a very important place in our hearts. It is part of the history of our family. In this difficult time, you can count on the friendship and the close relationships that unite Denmark and France. I send you my deep sympathy and my friendship.”

Over the course of his presidency, and for his 40 years long career in politics, Jacques Chirac had been renowned for his closeness with the French people. Some of his strong decisions also included refusing to follow the United States in the war against Iraq and admitting the responsibility of the French state in the Holocaust in France during World War II. He had retired from public life a few years ago. Following the announcement of his death, politicians, as well as many French people, expressed their sadness on social media.

In a televised address on Thursday evening, President Macron announced that the Elysée Palace would be opened to the public for three days so that French people could leave notes of condolences. He declared Monday as a national mourning day and an official ceremony will take place at the Saint-Sulpice Church on the same day. He also said that Jacques Chirac would get a state funeral next week. Several Heads of States are expected to attend.