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The Royal Central Podcast: are we turning the royals into puppets?

This week’s podcast is all about happy news and serious questions. Our Deputy Editor, Brittani Barger, shares her thoughts on a revealing interview by one of Europe’s most popular princesses while our Assistant Editor, Moniek Bloks, reveals what it was like to see some of the most poignant royal events of recent times up close and personal. Desk Editor, Lydia Starbuck, discusses the impact of past royal events. And our talking point this week – do we put too many of our own beliefs onto our favourite royals, seeing what we want to see rather than what is really going on?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and thanks for listening!

About author

Lydia is a writer, blogger and journalist. She's worked in the media for over twenty years as a broadcast reporter, producer and editor as well as feature and online writer. As well as royals and royal history, she's a news junkie and podcaster.