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Danish Royal Family celebrates football victory on Instagram

On Saturday, Denmark played against the Czech Republic in the quarter-final match of the European Football Championships. 

The Danish team won the match 2-1, and celebrations for the victory were abundant in every Danish community around the world. 

The team naturally dedicated their victory to teammate Christian Eriksen, who is now out of the hospital following the cardiac arrest he suffered at the beginning of the championships and who is waiting to move to Italy to start his career as an Inter player. 

Eriksen was photographed on the same day his team played the Czechs with a young fan at a park where he had brought his child to play. 

Cheering and celebrations were abundant in the Danish Royal Family and were documented on their Instagram page, starting with a picture of Prince Christian watching the match on what appears to be a Macbook laptop. 

His Royal Highness is seen from the back, wearing a Danish football jersey with the name and number of Christian Eriksen, an hommage that was no doubt intentional. 

Shortly after the end of the match, the Danish Royal House’s Instagram account also posted three pictures of Prince Joachim and his family. 

In the caption, it is explained that the family watched the match with their fellow compatriots at the Danish Church in Paris.

There are two pictures of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie cheering and celebrating, one just the two of them and one with their children, and one picture of Prince Henrik and Princess Athena dressed in all Danish attire for the occasion – Prince Henrik is also holding a small Danish flag. 

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie moved to Paris in September of 2020 and have been there in order for Prince Joachim to serve as the Military Attaché to the Danish Embassy in Paris, a role that he is expected to cover for at least three years.