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Danish Crown Princely Family shares images from time aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog

The Danish Crown Princely Family has been enjoying a holiday aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, sailing around Denmark and stopping into various places along the way. Their adventures have been posted on the family’s Instagram account.

The Royal House stressed that this is an unofficial undertaking and that they wouldn’t be publishing a schedule or notices on where the Royal Family would be visiting until it was posted on social media.

Per the Royal House, the Royal Yacht Dannebrog is one of the official and private residences belonging to Queen Margrethe and the Royal Family.

“It is the third year in a row that the Crown Prince Couple, at the end of the summer holidays, take their children to various places in Denmark.”

The Crown Princely Couple began their trip on Monday. On Tuesday, Crown Princess Mary uploaded several photos to the Royal Family’s Instagram account of their adventures.

Today we tried our hand at blowing glass at the…Backhaus-Brown & Glassmedjen workshop, and then we also visited the carpentry workshop Egeværk,” Crown Princess Mary wrote in the caption.

The family also stopped at Knud Rasmussen’s house. Rasmussen was a polar scientist.

The next day’s adventures were captioned by Crown Prince Frederik, who says that they stopped in Kongsøre to visit the Frømmanskorpset, where he’d once worked as a “seed man” and how he had “the pleasure of showing the whole family my former workplace.”

Crown Prince Frederik wrote, “It was a great experience to get out into the terrain with the family, find objects using maps, try the obstacles on the obstacle course, and finally free play in the water.”

Crown Princess Mary shared a video from the deck of the Dannebrog, commenting on how Danish summers are windy but nice as they sailed past the island of Hjelm in the Kattegat.

On Friday, the Crown Princely Family visited the island of Læsø in the Kattegat, writing that they travelled the Tanghus route, where the houses have seaweed hanging from them due to a lack of straw and the strength of using eelgrass instead.

The family also visited Læsø Saltsyderi, “where the island’s old tradition of souring salt is maintained.”

The Crown Princely Couple’s travels aboard the Dannebrog ended on Friday, with a photo of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary posted alongside the caption, “Once again, it has been a great pleasure for all of us to experience Denmark from its various and wonderful sides.

“It has been a wonderful and educational week, and at the same time it has been a pleasure to meet so many warm and hospitable people along the way.”

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