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Crown Prince Frederik to act as regent while Queen Margrethe takes holiday death of Prince Henrik

Crown Prince Frederik will act as regent of Denmark while his mother, the recently-widowed Queen Margrethe, takes a two-week winter holiday beginning Monday, the Royal Household revealed.

Prince Henrik, the Queen’s husband of 50 years, died on 13 February after a short illness. He’d been diagnosed with dementia last fall, and rushed back to Copenhagen in January from his annual trip to Egypt for pneumonia that revealed a benign tumour in his lung.

Following her husband’s funeral on 20 February, Queen Margrethe released a statement saying how deeply moved she and her family had felt “to witness the warmth and sympathy that swept towards us from all parts of Danish society.”

“The many beautiful flowers, spontaneously placed at the places the prince held dear, the many thousands of people from near and far who braved the winter cold to show the prince their last respects at the chapel palace, and the innumerable written messages of condolences we have received have moved us deeply and are a part of helping us to get through this difficult time.

“For all of these beautiful testimonies of affection and compassion, my family and I wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all of the Danish public,” Queen Margrethe’s statement concluded.

The Royal Household did not reveal where Queen Margrethe will be taking her holiday, saying that it was a private holiday. In the past, the Queen has traditionally taken her holiday in Norway, and Crown Prince Frederik has acted as regent.

Crown Prince Frederik will act as regent this period from 26 February to 11 March. The official court mourning following Prince Henrik’s death will end on 14 March, a month later. During this time there will be no “social or entertainment” engagements  for any member of the Royal Family, and they will wear black in public.



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