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Crown Prince Frederik meets winners of the Danish Championships and European Championships 2020 in Entrepreneurship

By Mogens Engelund - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Young entrepreneurs from across Europe were honoured by Crown Prince Frederik at a lunch in Copenhagen on Monday when he met the winners of the Danish Championships and European Championships 2020 in Entrepreneurship.

The event, which took place at Industriens Hus in Copenhagen, welcomed top teams of student entrepreneurs along with judges and business partners. The team “Bubbles” from Herning, who won both the Danish and European Championships in Entrepreneurship, presented their technological system to help students with ADHD.

“Every year, thousands of students from youth educations across the country participate in the teaching program Company Program, which the Foundation for Entrepreneurship is behind,” according to the Danish Royal House. “Here, students learn, among other things, to translate ideas into practice, market research and business start-up. The most innovative student companies qualify for the Danish Championships in Entrepreneurship.”

Frederik was received at the event by CEO of DI Lars Sandahl Sørensen, CEO of the Foundation for Entrepreneurship Christian Vintergaard, and Chairman of the Board of Representatives of the Foundation for Entrepreneurship André Rogaczewski. After lunch, team Bubbles delivered their award-winning presentation to the Crown Prince.

After winning the Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship, team Bubbles represented Denmark at the European Championships in Entrepreneurship where they competed against 39 other teams. Team Bubbles was then named European Champion for their innovative technological solution for classrooms.

The product, called MotherBubble, allows children with ADHD or ADD to concentrate and follow lessons more easily by connecting “teacher and student in a noise-free communication channel, where sound-insulating headphones eliminate the noise around the student and only shut the teacher’s voice through.”

Crown Prince Frederik learned more about the system, which gives children the opportunity to concentrate better through the sound-insulating headphones while the teacher wears a microphone. MotherBubble eliminates outside distractions for children who have difficulty focusing and get distracted easily, allowing them to focus on the lesson at hand.

In addition to Bubbles, Frederik also met students from the teams Cemima, Ergonomic Comfort, Leathery, Pack Me Up and Get Up.

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