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Crown Princess Mary speaks at Copenhagen Pride event

Photo: Sarah Williams

Crown Princess Mary gave a speech at Copenhagen Pride last weekend, speaking via digital platform after the in-person festivities were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In her speech, she noted the importance of holding online festivities in the absence of physical gatherings, saying: “This Monday was the first day of Copenhagen Pride Week across the country. And while this year’s pride is different, than what we are used to, it is still a week dedicated to human rights and the strength of diversity. And it reminds us to look around and take stock: How far have we come in Denmark when it comes to the rights and living conditions of LGBTI+ people?

“Most Danish Prides this year have had to cancel, but this week everyone, everywhere in the country has been given the opportunity to join in a digital Pride Week with more than 100 live-streamed events.”

She continued: “This conversion has shown us, that there are new roads to be travelled when we are faced with difficulties as has been the case in 2020.

“And this only makes this year’s pride theme ‘Solidarity’ all the more relevant. The need to stand together – also when times are tough – is bigger than ever. And Danish Prides from Århus to Fanø have contributed with content and thereby underlining the overarching message: That we stand united on the right to be who we are.”

She spoke of the LGBTI+ representation in Denmark and how the country has helped to pave the way.

“In Denmark, LGBTI+ rights are not something we disagree on. We understand that, in order to create a good and well-functioning society, it is paramount that everyone is treated equally and with respect and is afforded the same possibilities. We understand that who we love or which gender identity we have, should not determine whether we can participate in our society—fully, equally and as an integral part of the community.

“We still have our challenges in Demark, but as I have said time and time again: I am proud to live in a country that leads the way. A country that speaks out in defence for LGBTI+ people around the world. I have felt it on my travels, where Denmark is admired for its courage to lead the way in ensuring equal rights for all—regardless of gender, gender identity or sexuality.”

Finally, speaking about the progress still needed, Crown Princess Mary said: “And we must continue to lead the way. Because even as we write 2020, all too many LGBTI+ people around the world are the victims of hate, violence, discrimination, bullying and degrading treatment. This we cannot – and must not accept.

“Because we need tolerance and communities where everyone thrives.

“The way I see it, human rights are another word for compassion and humanity, and diversity is the essence of the right of each individual to belong, as well as the key to a better future for all.”

Crown Princess Mary is the Patron of Copenhagen 2021, an enlarged pride festival that will act as a gathering for WorldPride—as well as the Euro Games—in Denmark’s capital next August.

Crown Princess Mary’s full speech can be viewed here.

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