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Queen Rania heads south to visit important female multiproject facility

Queen Rania of Jordan has paid a visit to the House of Roses Ladies Association in Aqaba, which works towards creating a community for women entrepreneurs in the area. 

On Monday, 16 January, Her Majesty arrived in Aqaba, a tourist hub in the southwest of the country, close to the border with Israel. There, she was welcomed by Rania Na’seh, President of the Association. 

The two women toured the facility together, and the Queen got a chance to speak to the women who were utilising the structure, from artisans to farmers and cooks. 

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Her Majesty was allowed to not only visit the facility’s shop, warehouse and kitchen but also the “backstage”. Located in the backyard of the structure, it’s the place that houses the ever-changing exhibition of craft products “inspired by the city of Aqaba’s unique character.”

The House of Roses Ladies Association was born in the aftermath of the pandemic of COVID-19 “to help struggling owners of home-based projects get back on their feet” by offering them a place that works essentially as a permanent exhibition, according to Her Majesty’s Office. 

Within the structure, located close to several of the town’s most famous and popular hotels, the goods produced by the women are displayed in a way that resembles a permanent exhibition, something that seems to attract a lot of tourists, as well as local customers. 

And foreign visitors also have the opportunity to participate in “a number of local experiences” like sewing or learning to cook traditional foods both from Aqaba specifically and from Jordan in general. 

The third pillar on which the House of Roses Ladies Association operates is training on a number of different skills. Classes also include women with disabilities to give them an opportunity to “help them develop their marketable skills and boost their income.”