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Queen Rania has Iftar with women from Al Karak

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Queen Rania of Jordan has had Iftar with women from Al Karak during Ramadan.

The Queen of Jordan travelled to the Al Karak Governate on 5 April to take part in Iftar (meal eaten after sunset by Muslims during Ramadan) and show her support for the women and their contributions to society.

Women active in education, social welfare, culture, volunteer work, and charitable efforts joined Her Majesty at Karak Castle for the meal eaten after sunset when Muslims break their fast. The Queen spoke about the Islamic holy month of Ramadan to the women and her wishes for them, especially now that families can gather together once again.

Queen Rania said: “I am very happy to be here during the first week of Ramadan, surrounded by my sisters, the devoted women of Al Karak. Ramadan is always a month of goodwill, blessings, and reconnecting with loved ones, but this year it feels even more special than usual – perhaps because we have been unable to get together for Iftar like this for the past two years.”

She also wrote on Instagram that she was “delighted to join a group of wonderful women from Al Karak for Iftar today, and forever proud of their love to give and do good!”

Mohammad Fayez, the Governor of Al Karak, shared his gratitude to the Queen for making the trip to his governate and breaking the fast with women in Al Karak. He also thanked her for her work that uplifts women and shared the experiences of women taking part in the Umrah during Ramadan, which Queen Rania helped to organise.

According to Her Majesty’s Office, around 550 Jordanian women will make the lesser pilgrimage, Umrah, to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The first group of women left Jordan on 5 April.

As Ramadan began on 1 April, the Queen shared on Twitter: “The year’s holiest month is upon us. May it usher in peace and blessings for all.”

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