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Crown Prince Hussein delivers in-kind aid in Irbid

By Office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi -, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II joined the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army on Monday to help distribute in-kind aid in Irbid – the second largest metropolitan population area in Jordan after the capital in Amman.

The packages consisted of in-kind assistance and food supply packages.

These packages are being distributed in a number of municipalities and local councils in Jordan as they are needed during the COVID-19 crisis to help Jordanian citizens in need.

His father, King Abdullah II also co-authored an article in the Financial Times, alongside the presidents of Germany, Singapore, Ethiopia, and Ecuador, regarding the pandemic and the international efforts to combat the disease.

The leaders said in the article, “We can contain and counter COVID-19 more effectively by knocking down the barriers that hinder knowledge exchange and co-operation.”

They added, “We all have something to contribute regardless of the size of our economies or populations. A global solution is in everybody’s self-interest.”

The King tweeted yesterday, “Delighted to join President Steinmeier of Germany and leaders from around the world in a call to bring down barriers and mobilise human ingenuity and solidarity. A global pandemic demands a global solution. We must come together in a new international alliance to counter COVID-19.”

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