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Lord Mayor reveals his rarely seen robe ahead of the Coronation

Last minute details are emerging about King Charles III’s Coronation, now only a matter of hours away. 

The Lord Mayor of London has revealed his choice of outfit, which will include the robe traditionally reserved for people in that role. 

He has also revealed that, in line with choices made by the King himself, the piece has not been commissioned anew. Instead, he will be wearing the same piece that was worn by his predecessor for the 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Photo: @citylordmayor via Twitter

The robe is made of two different tones of red velvet, a darker one for the top portion, and a lighter shade for the rest of the piece. It is secured by a golden chain at the top of the chest.

The item is comprised of five section: a large top one, three equal ones, and the bottom one that flares out into a round train. 

All sections are separated by a double border, with one strip of white fur (presumably, ermine), and one strip of golden trim – the latter also goes around the neck, front and the border of the train. It also features a strip of fur around the neck, below the golden trim.

The robe was in the custody of the Skinners’ Company, which was also in charge of maintaining it in its original condition as best as possible, ensuring that it could be used on this occasion.

Not to be confused with the Mayor of London, a position currently occupied by Sadiq Khan, the Lord Mayor of London represents the City of London, the Capital’s most ancient district, as well as having the role of leader of the City of London Corporation. 

The position, which holds the style of The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of London, is currently occupied by Nicholas Lyons, who will be the one wearing the historic piece on Saturday.