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Behind the Scenes with True Royalty

True Royalty debuts as a teaching aid

Our partners at True Royalty are now offering their services as a teaching aid as schools across the globe continue to be shuttered due to COVID-19.

Now on True Royalty, a teacher and up to 50 students can access all of True Royalty’s content for 60 days for just £5. Schools and individual teachers are able to subscribe with this deal, and each subscription grants 50 students the ability to have access, as well.

“Through the use of rare archival footage, royal historians’ insight and storytelling, and tours of known and little known royal landmarks, these documentaries make royal history lessons come to life,” True Royalty explains.

Some great historical offerings include shows on the Tudors, the Stuarts, the Normans and the Middle Ages. And if you want your student to learn more about monarchies from outside the UK, they have that, too. There are documentaries are Asian monarchies and royals from across Europe.

Other available collections include:

An Essential Guide to British History
From the medieval kings to the legacy of the Tudors to the rise of the Hanoverians, this collection tracks the rise of monarchy up to the modern day.

Your Very Own Royal Tutor
Presented by none other than The Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward, this collection is a comprehensive and entertaining guide to Royal Britain with a fair few references to his own royal relatives. One such documentary is “Whatever happened to the Windsors?” which we highlighted here.

Home-Schooling with the Royals
From the Dark Ages to the present day viewers will learn about some of the more eccentric royals including ‘mad king’ George III and Edward VIII who threw away the crown for love.  

Horrible Royal Histories
Learn all about some of the most terrifying and deadly chapters in 20th-century royal history on True Royalty TV.

In times like these, it is great to have resources at your fingertips to continue to educate students even while they are at home during the pandemic. True Royalty provides interesting programmes and for an affordable price.

Join the video streaming service, True Royalty, with a special discount code only for Royal Central readers. Click below now!


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