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Behind the Scenes with True Royalty

New shows headed to True Royalty

True Royalty is debuting two new programmes on their streaming service. One will focus on the spares in the Royal Family, and the other will focus on the tiny principality of Monaco and its royals.

Both shows will premiere this week. Inside Monaco: Playground of the Rich will be a special US premiere on Monday, 14 September. Royal Secrets: Spare Heirs will be live on the site on Prince Harry’s birthday, 15 September.

“Monaco is a tiny country, not much bigger than Hyde Park in London, but is home to the highest concentration of millionaires in the world. The series goes behind the scenes at the Royal Palace and follows the life of Prince Albert II who rules this unique sovereign state. Known as the playground of the super rich we a meet the millionaire residents and the workers who deliver this luxury lifestyle,” True Royalty explains.

The three-part programme was directed by Michael Waldman and features Fred Sirieix.

Part one will explore how the country operates and talk to Prince Albert and his staff. Part two will focus on the famous Monte Carlo Casino and how it helped Monaco become the playground of the rich. The last episode will be the most impressive.

True Royalty says: “In this episode, we discover just how expensive it is to live in Monaco. We get a tour of an extraordinary new home – Villa Troglodyte – which has come onto the market. Built as if carved out of the rock, the price is only £23 million because it doesn’t have a sea view.

“The pressure to build more houses in such a small country that is so short on space has left Prince Albert with a challenge. We follow him as he attends meetings about a huge new two billion euro land extension project he has initiated. Extending into the sea is a complex operation but once complete the largest villas there are estimated to sell for around 100 million euros.”

True Royalty describes the programme focusing on the Royal Family’s spare heirs as: “They are the royals destined to serve but not to inherit: they are the Spare Heirs. From Margaret to  Andrew to Harry they are the rebel royals who seem to be searching for a purpose to their lives.”

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