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Behind the Scenes with True Royalty

Learn more about Middle Eastern royals on True Royalty

True Royalty has an array of different programmes on the British Royal Family, from biographies to recipes to royal residences. If you were hoping for more on international royals, you are in luck!

They have now added more to their international royal section with the addition of two new documentaries on Libya’s former monarchy and two shows on the Jordanian monarchy.

The programmes available for those wanting to learn more about Libya are “Libya’s Forgotten King: Enlightenment (PART 1)” and “Libya’s Forgotten King: Monarchy (PART 2).”

“The Map of Modern Libya was not fully drawn until the mid-twentieth century. The land was fought over by the Ottomans, Italians and British. This is the story of King Idris I who unified Libya and became it’s first and last King in 1951 before being toppled by Gaddafi in 1969,” True Royalty explains.

For those wanting to learn more about Jordan, there are “King Hussein of Jordan: Survival of a Dynasty (PART 1)” and “King Hussein of Jordan: On a Knife Edge (PART 2).”

About these documentaries, True Royalty says: “The life and struggles of King Hussein of Jordan, from the assassination of his grandfather to the rise of the PLO and his relationship with Israel, the Palestinians, the Arab world and the West.”

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