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Asian RoyalsBehind the Scenes with True Royalty

True Royalty focuses on Asian monarchies

While most of the time we highlight documentaries and programmes surrounding the British Royal Family for True Royalty, this week we are also highlighting their other shows focusing on Asian monarchies.

They have a series called “Asian Monarchies” with episodes focusing on the royal families of Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Japan, and Nepal.

The Bhutan documentary gives insight into their young and popular king that had to convince his country democracy was a good idea! For Brunei, there’s a focus on their Sultan, who is one of the last remaining absolute monarchies in the world. The fall of Nepal’s monarchy and the country since is shown on their documentary while the ballet dancer King of Cambodia is highlighted on that programme. Last but not least, Japan’s episode talks about the future of their monarchy where changes occur with the exception of allowing women to reign.

You don’t want to miss these episodes!

Where can I watch it? Well besides Comcast and the True Royalty website, it is also available on Apple tv, Amazon Fire tv, Google Play, the Apple Store, Roku, and Chromecast.

True Royalty was launched in 2018 by Gregor Angus (CEO), Nick Bullen, and Edward Mason as the first only subscription video on demand service for all things on the British Royal Family.

Join the video streaming service, True Royalty, by clicking the link below!

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