Princess Mako’s fiancé says financial problems solved

The fiancé of Japan’s Princess Mako of Akishino has said that the financial problems that plagued his family have been solved. These financial issues for Kei Komuro’s family were blamed for the postponement of his wedding to Princess Mako.

Komuro’s financial situation had been the subject of rumours for months in 2018 including a claim that his mother owed her former partner £29,000 for the latter funding Kei’s university education. However, his mother argued that the money was a gift, and therefore, she did not have to repay it.

After 28-year-old Komuro’s announcement, it is believed that the wedding is now back on; although, a date has not been set.

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In a statement released on Tuesday, he said, “My mother and I both understand that the [financial] support from the ex-fiancé of my mother has been settled.”

“My mother and I both appreciate the support we received from the former fiancé, and we will make efforts to gain understanding from him,” he concluded.

His mother met with her former fiancé and explained that she could not repay the money.

However, the fiancé has claimed to Yomiuri Shimbun that things have not been settled, “The money trouble has not been resolved, and there has not been any contact from Mr Komuro’s side.”

It was announced at the beginning of last year that the wedding of Princess Mako – the eldest granddaughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko – and her fiance, had been postponed until 2020 due to “lack of preparation.”

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“Last May, there were reports about our engagement at an unexpected time,” Princess Mako said at the time. “We believe we have rushed various things.”

“I wish to think about marriage more deeply and concretely and give sufficient time to prepare our marriage and for after the marriage,” she added.

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Princess Mako, 27, wanted to postpone the wedding until 2020 after a “series of ceremonies important for the Imperial family have ended smoothly.” This probably referred to the Emperor’s abdication, which is planned for 30 April 2019. She added that the delay was caused by the couple’s “immaturity” and that they regret the situation.

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