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Princess Mako of Japan’s wedding still uncertain

Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

The wedding between Japan’s Princess Mako of Akishino and Kei Komuro is still uncertain and a date for the pair to wed is not yet known. Komuro recently tried to explain the financial issue that has surrounded his family and caused the postponement of his wedding in an effort to “correct erroneous information.”

Komuro released a document that explained the details of the financial issues between his mother and her former fiancé. He said that the issues were believed to have been resolved with his mother’s ex-fiancé saying the latter did not want to be paid back for the money he gave Komuro’s mother. A year later, however, the man sent Komuro a letter demanding that they repay the debt. The two sides could not come to an agreement, and his family lost contact with the man for years.

Efforts to come to an agreement after Mako and Kei’s engagement was announced “broke down” between May 2019 and November 2020.

Komuro said that he is grateful for the support his mother’s ex-fiancé provided him and admitted that when he looks back, his family relied too much on the man. Komuro was said to have received help from the man for his education expenses.

Komuro stressed that he and Princess Mako – the eldest child of Crown Prince Fumihito and Crown Princess Kiko – still love one another and want to wed.

Since Komuro released the documents, a senior official in the household of the Crown Prince’s Family, Takaharu Kachi, revealed the family’s reaction to Komuro’s statement and the release of the documentation. The Crown Prince and Crown Princess understand that Komuro has made an effort to make things clear regarding the uncertain financial situation.

Princess Mako was aware that Komuro was going to release the document last week and had discussions with his family regarding the matter ahead of time. Her opinion was taken into account with how Komuro and his family handled the situation – including in engaging in some dialogue instead of repaying the money without proper discussions on the matter.

Princess Mako said through the Imperial Household Agency regarding the matter: “I would appreciate if people could understand there were various circumstances (behind the dispute) by reading the document.”

Kachi said information on the wedding would be discussed at a later time. The wedding between the Princess and Komuro has been postponed for over two years. Their engagement was announced in 2017 by the Imperial Household, and they were due to wed in November 2018.

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