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A threat prompts Prince Hisahito’s school to beef up security

Photo: Royal Office for Media

Despite original wishes for the contrary, Otsuka Senior High School was forced to beef up security measures to protect its most illustrious student, Prince Hisahito. 

The 15-year-old Prince started attending the institution on 9 April, following a big welcoming ceremony, and initially, his father, Crown Prince Fumihito, had asked for life in the school to continue as normal. 

However, sources close to the school have told the press that security measures have been beefed up, presumably following an incident in 2019 in which two knives were found left on the young Prince’s desk. 

A 56-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident. Although he doesn’t seem to belong to any specific group, it was revealed that he said he was unhappy with the current Japanese imperial system during the investigation. 

Since that event, measures have been implemented to beef up security in the school and the surrounding area. 

A senior Metropolitan Police Department that was formerly in charge of providing security for Emperor Naruhito and other members of the Imperial Family has been made head of the Otsuka Police Station, the district that contains the high school. 

The perimeter fence around Otsuka Senior High School was fully repaired and topped with brand new metal spikes, and the institution installed security cameras all around the area. 

All people entering the school premises are required to present a form of identification, and that includes students and parents. Two security guards are now stationed at the front gate at all times. 

At the beginning of Prince Hisahito’s high school career, Crown Prince Fumihito had requested that no changes be made to the school’s practices, as he worried about how new measures may impact people’s daily lives. 

But local residents seem to be welcoming the changes, as one lady commented to journalists: “It’s good for residents too that security is being reinforced.”