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Shaq has no idea who The Queen is

There was a royal interlude during an interview segment on The Late, Late Show with James Corden late last week, as guests Victoria Beckham and former basketball star Shaquille O’Neal talked about the royals.

“How is designing Meghan’s dress going? Is it going well?” Corden asked Victoria Beckham.

She responded with laughter, then, “Maybe you know something I don’t?”

She then confirmed that she is not designing Meghan’s dress. The designer’s identity will likely not be made public until the moment Meghan steps out of the vehicle at St George’s Chapel, though names have been tossed around in the months since her engagement, including Victoria’s.

“Sadly not, but I am sure she’ll look incredible in whatever she wears,” Victoria said.

Corden then asked if she would be attending the wedding, and although Victoria said she didn’t know, Corden teased that she was putting him on and bad at lying, with Shaq nodding in agreement.

Then suddenly, Shaq had a question.

“You both are from England, so you probably have the answer to this. If I marry the Queen of England, would I be the King of England?”

Corden and Victoria stared at him in silence for a few seconds, then began laughing.

“I’m going to say it won’t,” Corden said. “But can I say on behalf of everyone in Britain, I would love nothing more. I think it would be the most sensational thing that could ever happen, and I love it for now, and I also love it when we get to that series in The Crown.”

Shaq, however, didn’t seem too disappointed with this news, though, and motioned through the camera for “Queen Victoria” to call him. Victoria dissolves into laughter again, as does Corden, though he told his guest, “The biggest problem is her name is Queen Elizabeth.”

Shaq laughed it off and quickly said “Queen Elizabeth” before apologising for the mix-up. He also told a story of how he was almost arrested in London for disturbing the guards outside Buckingham Palace.

Shaq said that he’d get in a guard’s face and dance around and jump back, but one time he accidentally bumped the guard, and suddenly he was surrounded. “I used your husband’s name to get out,” he told Victoria, who’s married to former footballer David Beckham, and after explaining the situation, he was free to leave.

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