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The Sussexes

Airbnb sees surge in bookings thanks to Royal Wedding

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has caused a major tourism boost for areas surrounding London and Windsor as Airbnb reveal their bookings have surged by 1,438 percent.

Airbnb have said they have seen a large increase in bookings in Windsor where the royal couple are tying the knot on 19th May and the surrounding towns. This includes Slough, Maidenhead and Reading.

An increase of 194 percent of guests is predicted in Windsor, while Maidenhead will see a 362 percent increase and Reading a 57 percent increase.

More than 40,000 guests are expected to visit the capital over the Royal Wedding weekend, and Airbnb aren’t the only ones seeing a surge in bookings.

Leading online travel agent, said it has seen a 33 percent increase in passenger bookings to London airports between 17th May and 19th May. The majority of visitors are coming from all over Europe, with Germany having the largest amount.

The US has the 12th largest number of visitors coming over to England to celebrate with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Despite the surge in European visitors, industry experts have said the UK is not expecting an increase in long-distance guests for the wedding.

Airbnb have also revealed that homeowners in London, Windsor and nearby towns are set to cash in thanks to the couple’s big day. The company have announced a project total host income of nearly £12 million in London, while local residents in Windsor could make more than £126,000.

James McClure, General Manager for Airbnb, has said: “The Royal Wedding has provided a welcome tourism boost, putting the UK in the spotlight again.

“By creating an opportunity to host visitors from near and far, Airbnb is supporting economic investment into small, local communities and also helping locals to make a little extra money from sharing their homes.”