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‘God Save The Queen’ could be scrapped from UK sporting fixtures

Plans to drop the British national anthem, God Save The Queen, from being sung at sporting events will go before parliament this Wednesday for discussion.

The proposals are that the famous anthem would be reserved only for Team GB sporting events, in which England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all take part.

This is to reflect the fact that the Scottish, Welsh and Irish sports teams have their own national anthems, leaving England with ‘God Save the Queen’, but MPs are calling for England to have its own specific song.

The British Government has made no official stance on the debate, however, in the past, Prime Minister David Cameron has supported calls for an English with the hymn Jerusalem being suggested.

Many people unsurprisingly are not happy with this news, and that includes The Queen’s cousin, Margaret Rhodes, who also suggests that Her Majesty herself would not be in favor of the legislation being passed.

Speaking to The Sunday Express, Mrs Rhodes said: “We have been happily singing God Save The Queen forever – I don’t see the need to change it.

“The Queen has always said she’s only there for as long as people want her, but I should think they’d think it’s rather rude.”

So, if the bill was passed, what would the English national anthem be? As it is a matter of great importance, the government would hold a public consultation on the choosing of a new anthem.

All of the relevant sporting bodies would then be instructed to use the new anthem that people have chosen, prior to any international sporting contests, at medal awarding ceremonies and whenever else a national anthem was required for teams representing solely England.

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins is supporting the bill and believes it will strengthen people’s English identities.

Speaking to The Sunday Express, he said: “I don’t do this out of antipathy for the British national anthem, I am a Christian, and I am not a Republican, but I want to keep God Save the Queen for Britain, and instead introduce a purely English Anthem to be sung in advance of England football and rugby matches and other sporting events.

“The union between the home nations is a dear and precious thing that is under threat. England is a component part of the UK but it is not the same thing as Britain.”

The passing of the bill is a long way off yet though, as it has to go through various stages of the legislation process at which it can be turned down at any of these points. Also it is a cross-party bill, and does not have the support of any political party so it will be difficult to get through.

Tony Perkins will be present the Bill on Wednesday under the ten minute rule procedure.

Comment: What do you think to the proposed changes? Let us know by commenting below:

  • Good evening. This phrase say every thing or very much “The union between the home nations is a dear and precious thing that is
    under threat. England is a component part of the UK but it is not the
    same thing as Britain.” in the mean while the U.K its been threat like very person s who always was really on here side the Web its “magic” but such thing as got a great reverse impact in some “Mind Crimes” my apologies to such words please. Very persons with nubian s ideas are always try something unfortunately in this moment I am fare to be more precise and this my last words at the same time can mean “rudeness” but at the same time a person to express must be. There are a poem in Portugal of Luis Camões who say “Love who love you because Who smile to you lie who really love you suffer for you” ingenuity no in my opinion and Thank you Charlie P. and all.

  • Susan Klee

    “infamous” anthem???check the definition of infamous, please.

  • Sally Reid

    Why not have one British term then we could all sing God save the Queen. The government should try to strengthen the wonderful union that is The United Kingdom. What better way of bringing people from all over the Kingdom together than through sport. The National anthem is a great anthem and should remain. People certainly shouldn’t be stopped singing it at a football match or any other sport.

  • Patricia Kelly

    She is queen over England, Scotland and Wales. It is unconscionable to suggest that “God Save the Queen” be dropped.

  • Peter Hewson

    We have a Queen, God bless her. Leave well alone!

  • Valerie O’Dell

    I have lived in Australia for nearly 40 years and have dual citizenship now. When I read this my instant reaction was a big lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. The old saying ” if it’s not broken don’t fix it”. Please leave alone.
    Valerie O’Dell

    • It is broken and has been for a long time.

  • Christopher Walwin

    I live in Canada, but as ever I fully support the Queen and all she has stood for in her record reign over us . When I see a British sporting events I always fill with pride as the “National Anthem ” is played and “SUNG” with unparalled volume by the crowd …nowhere here in the North America is there ever such passion for their anthem .sometimes they only have one singer….I remember once at Twickenham a military band was playing but you could not even hear them above the singing so much so that they had to slow the beat to the speed of the crowd . LONG LIVE THE NATIONAL ANTHEM

    • Ken Johnson

      Hi Christopher!!! I agree with you I was born and raised in Canada and going to school here at that time we sang God Save The Queen at the beginning of our school day and in my older years now when I hear it does give me a sense of pride and it makes me stand tall for her. That would be a terrible thing if they stopped sing it, They took it away here in 2009, So how can singing OUR national anthem be offensive to “some people” tell them if it bothers them, tell them to go back to there country where they come from. I’m still upset about our schools dropping ‘God Save The Queen so I say stick up for yourself just say NO!!! you don’t want a new anthem I checked you have had that since the 1700″s and don’t let some pencil pusher tell what to do!!! and God Save Our Queen!!!


    Why on earth is this being considered? ‘God save the Queen’ is sung in praise of the British monarch. I live in Wales and love the fact that both Mae ‘Hen Wlad fy Nhadau’ and ‘God Save the Queen’ are sung at events. An English anthem is an excellent idea; but let’s retain ‘God Save the Queen’ at all British events.

  • a French Chef

    I can’t think of anything more unnecessary or insulting. Another example of the Mother Country dissolving herself.

    • Marcello1099

      It’s national suicide, like the PC crap going on here in the States to accommodate all manner of malcontents, degenerates and societal misfits! May they all rot in hell for eternity!

  • Stizy

    What on Earth does it have to do with the government? They meddle with enough. Sport doesn’t belong to them, leave it alone. If the sporting bodies decide to change then that is their decision, but government stay out of it, it’s nothing to do with you.

  • This is more about politics than anything. The United Kingdom is not a true federation. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own legislatures, with various amounts of power devolved to them. England has no such legislature — Scottish members of Parliament — which by now are primarily SNP members have an equal voice along with English MP’s on issues that only concern the England. They also have their own “national anthems”. England has none of this, no legislature, no official anthem unique to it, and a flag that many feel is waived by far-right and rather unsavory nationalist groups. The quest for an English identity, with its own national symbols, and own eventual legislature is tied into making the UK a true federation or equal parts with the same devolved powers – something that has been resisted to date.

  • Ushi

    Please don’t mess around with the National anthem that is there. We are part of the common wealth. We respect & love the queen & the royal family. When we hear of these new changes being suggested its appalling to us. Please leave it alone. As an Asian, hearing “God save the Queen “being sung moves us, how can UK contemplate changing the very thing that makes you all great.


    What are the ELEMENTS in choosing WORDS for a NATIONAL ANTHEM? What are the FACTORS that a Writer will use for Writing a National Anthem? What are the SIGNIFICANCE of EACH (Elements/Factors) for EACH OTHER? For Example: Elements-Hail the Queen, “God Save the Queen” ;is Hail the Queen. Factors- The Queen is the Most Important Person in the Country,and in the Whole World too!…Therefore, “God Save the Queen”, is HAIL AND IMPORTANT; for a National Anthem!-And so with the rest of the writings….

  • Marcello1099

    Beyond grotesque!!! This PC bullsh!t has got to end. And, please, UK, get the he!l out of the EU,while you can — it’s a faltering sewer.

  • L Silsby

    Our National Anthem is all part of our heritage. It has been said many times before that no one can do pomp and circumstance like the British. Losing our Anthem will not strengthen our identities as Toby Perkins says, it will have the reverse effect. Why do politicians always have to interfere with what’s good and condone the bad? I for one will never sing an alternative anthem. Please, LEAVE OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM ALONE.

  • Ashley Thorne

    PC rubbish yet again – Leave as is

  • Tim McMahon

    I feel the same disgust when required to put White European on certain forms.I am English not white European as I like the anthem we have not an alternative.

  • Daniel

    I think it should change for England why can’t we have our own anthem aswell. I’d prefer land of hope and glory….

  • lmgill2

    That is a ridiculous suggestion. Your anthem is beautiful. The people shroud have a say not just people w/a political agenda. Keep ‘God Save The Queen’.

  • Michael Snow

    The anthem ‘God save the queen’ belongs to me as a Welshman and to the people of Scotland too. It is not the English anthem. With ‘Rule Britannia’, ‘Land of hope and glory’ and I vow to thee, my country’ England is spoiled for choice. Let’s retain the Royal Anthem for all of us. England needs an anthem too.

  • John

    Being a Canadian born in 1986 I was not familiar with a time before the Canadian National anthem. But i wish we had not done away with it. I understand the desire to establish a more independent and stronger Canadian identity but I belive the Queen and Britain is a part of that identity. I hope you guys don’t do away with a truly great anthem.

  • Ricky

    I never thought I’d see the day when anyone seriously suggested scrapping “God Save The Queen” at any UK venue where it’s customary to play or sing it.

    The article mentions that Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales already have their own anthems; fair enough. If England is to have one as well, I believe nothing beats “There’ll Always Be An England.” Even though I’m an American, it sends shivers down my spine whenever I hear it.

  • There’s a lot of idiotic comments on this thread. No one is suggesting scrapping God Save the Queen, just that it should be reserved for use as the British and Royal anthem. England will use a separate anthem for sporting events (so the Scots and Welsh can boo that instead of God Save the Queen).

  • Kevin

    Never ever did I believe we would change Our National Anthem. We should keep this anthem, Why because what ever happens else where in the UK, the Queen is and always has been Queen of England so why as someone has already said “if it’s not broke leave it alone”. We are going places in this country of mine that disgusts me…..Lets hate the foreigners, lets blame everyone else but ourselves, Lets hate Europe, the longest Peace time in Europe ever, but no lets isolate ourselves again, Lets starve the NHS so private companies can take over. We can all be Proud of being British and White and Christian but are we really saying that anybody else is less than us. I truly believe the greatest amount of People in England are Simply the best, Our Queen is in my humble opinion Fantastic. Lets keep Our Anthem, for Our Queen and at least the future 3 Kings living. We are the quiet ones and to see this republican issue creeping in, can someone tell me a President who is non party political, or most of them shaming their office Our Queen has never shamed her position England, GB, UK the Commonwealth. We are “little” England but we have GREAT BIG hearts.

    • Ricky

      Very well said, Kevin; you take the prize for top comment!

      We in the USA have problems of our own with creeping Republicans of a different sort.

  • Nadia

    I’m not not happy with this 🙁 Always will be a Queen in England so why they want change the song? I will be very sad if they change the song.

  • Paul Sexton

    Leave our Queen and our national anthem ALONE!!

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