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Prince Charles’s popularity at a new low ahead of 20th anniversary of Diana’s death

Prince Charles’s popularity has dropped to an all time low ahead of the 20th anniversary of Diana, Princess of Wales’s death.

Only 36% of British people believe that Charles has made a positive contribution to the Royal Famly. This is a significant drop from the 60% that felt he made a positive contribution four years ago in 2013.

27% of people now believe that Prince Charles, heir to the throne, has had an adverse impact on the Royal Family. This number was just 15% four years ago.

The 20th anniversary of Diana’s death taking place on 31 August and the media coverage surrounding it may be impacting the heir’s popularity.

The poll revealed a negative image surrounded Camilla and what title she should receive upon Charles’s ascension to the throne.

Most people, at 39%, believe that Camilla should take the title of Princess Consort; however, 30% of people believe that she should not receive any title at all while Prince Charles reigns as King.

Only 14% of the British public want Camilla to receive the title of Queen as she serves alongside Prince Charles in his role as king.

The polls show that the public still blames Prince Charles for the failure of the relationship between him and Diana, Princess of Wales.

Royal Commentator Penny Junor said Prince Charles has “never been forgiven for that – because Diana blamed him and he never said a word. He’s never explained what went on in his marriage.”

She also added that Diana has always been “source of difficulty between him and his sons.”

Not counting The Queen and Prince Philip, the next best contribution to the Royal Family as judged by the public is Prince William. William has 78% approval.

William’s younger brother, Prince Harry, follows very closely behind with 77%

The Duchess of Cambridge came up with 73% positive contributions, Charles at 36% and Camilla at 18%.

  • Bridget Bateson

    Who is asked? I am a very loyal supporter of all the royal family including Prince Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall

    • Gregory Ross Miller

      I agree with you. I think this poll is bogus. Who was asked? Who initiated the poll?

      • Jillian Morland-Duff

        As do I. Like you Gregory, I am heartily sick of the mawkish saintly Diana garbage.

    • M_Hawke

      And I think you may be the only two.

  • Gregory Ross Miller

    Diana is dead and gone. Let her Rest In Peace. It’s time to move past all of this. It’s starting to sound even more like a false hood everytime some supporter of Diana is does ridiculous anythings to keep her name alive. It’s starting to become annoying and is making her fans not like her even more. Enough with the diana stories please.

    Thank you.

    • M_Hawke

      I agree–you are correct. They should stop these articles making Prince Charles look bad. After all, he appears daily with the reason (his adulterer partner in crime that he married) his marriage failed. Who needs an article to remind us as to what a failing he is? And let’s not have any articles on how the royal family betrayed Diana, either. I mean, she was the victim, but definitely deserved to be marginalized by the (un)royal family as she was, right?

      • Gregory Ross Miller

        I mean it has arrived at the point where this all is starting to sound like a television drama of some sort. Nothing educational or historically important is being written. Only remorse and bitterness amongst people is being capitalized on. Who cares what happened between Diana and Charles. They are the past. We must think about William and Harry and how they must feel about all of this. They are the future. What is Royal Central driving at with these idiosyncratic stories about torn and battered relationships? Nobody wants to read this type of stuff anymore. If they’re not careful a new journal is going to come out and replace them by giving people nice things to read about nice people.

        • M_Hawke

          I see. Well, I can understand your point of view. Good points.

    • Frank Van Der Heijden

      I am no fan or royals, but….care to prove your claims ?

      Otherwise I´ll give you some toilet paper so you can wipe your keyboard

      • Gregory Ross Miller

        Hi Frank, if you conduct a minor research on every keyword of interest to you in my statement then you’ll be able to get the points. And by the way my keyboard stays clean.

        Gregory Ross Miller

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    First world problems….

  • CV

    Very Well Said, Gregory Ross Miller. Diana was NO ANGEL. Twenty years
    is a long time. She was a self serving person. She was disloyal to the Royal Family.
    A House Enemy.

    Charles, Prince Of Wales is an Intelligent, Informed & Modern Prince, He will
    be An Excelent & Good. King. The Queen should follow the example of other
    Royal Families in Europe, and hand over the reign to Prince Charles. He has
    been in waiting for MUCH TOO LONG.

  • Janet Wade Luty

    Brits need to measure the true cost of their Monarchy. Not in pounds, in pride. King Tampon Charley and Queen Horsefaced Homewrecker would be disgraceful. Their past is prologue.

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