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Prince Charles beats Princess Anne to become 2017’s hardest working royal by just six engagements

The annual survey of the Royal Family’s public engagements has been released in the customary letter to the Times from the paper’s ‘unofficial royal archivist’, Tim O’Donovan, now on his 38th year of conducting the survey.

A total of 3,628 engagements were performed by the 15 members of the Royal Family classed as working royals within the Court Circular.

The total number of engagements undertook in 2017, compiled by Tim O’Donovan

There has been a slight decline in productivity compared to last year when a total of 3,725 engagements were undertaken.

Senior members of the Royal Family are still conducting more engagements than younger members of the family. Despite retiring halfway through the year, the Duke of Edinburgh still conducted more engagements than the Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince William and Prince Harry have increased their workload compared to last year, and this is expected to increase further in 2018.

The Prince of Wales has retained the position as the hardest working member of The Royal Family, clocking up a total of 546 engagements – 172 of which were conducted overseas.

The Princess Royal settles for second spot having conducted 540 engagements – just six fewer than her elder brother.

The Duke of York conducted the third most amount of engagements in 2017, creating a total of 326.

The Queen decreased the total amount of engagements undertaken in 2017 compared to the previous year.

Prince Charles increased the number of engagements he undertook by 16.

  • PennieP.

    Well, la-de-da.. He’s the hardest working Royal
    And he should be. He is next in line for the coveted Throne.
    Besides, what else does he do.
    And by the way.. Working Royal.. That means what? A dinner engagement or touring a Brewery, Bakery, Cheese or Wine tasting?
    If he worked as hard as they claim, the whole of BB should be well taken care of.

    • Chasity Phelps

      I thought William was next in line because Charles married a divorcee? Also William is more popular with the people.

      • PennieP.

        Unfortunately, Chasity that is not how the line of succession works
        Only if he Abdicates, and I doubt Prince Charles would ever do that.
        Now Camilla… That’s the sticky wicket.. She’s a problem that Parliament has to deal with. I don’t pity them at all…

    • Bob Cusack

      If you don’t like royalty, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to be following a royalty website, does it?

      BTW, your rambling, whining comment appears to be written under the influence of alcohol or opiates.

  • Elizabeth Beck Bunting

    The Princess Royal has always been the hardest working royal and the least appreciated.

    • Montgomery

      I agree. The Princess Royal does not make any noise about her engagements although she works very hard.

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    #RoyalProblems….who drinks more champagne and eats more caviar

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