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Prince Charles and Prince William team up to highlight illegal wildlife trade

Prince Charles and Prince William are to join forces this February to highlight the protection of endangered wildlife.

Close to both their hearts, the father and son will come together for a series of engagements that will encourage others to help fight against the illegal wildlife trade which is resulting in the death of hundreds of endangered species.


The awareness week will begin on February 9, when the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge will release a joint video message where they will be seen discussing the shocking rise in the trade of illegal wildlife in the last ten years, which has seen them become more determined to eradicate it.

Three days later, on February 12, Prince William will attend two solo engagements attending the United for Wildlife Symposium at the Zoological Society London, before being guest of of honour at a reception at the National History Musuem, which is being hosted by the UK Government to mark the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade.

A day later, the first and second-in-line will come together to attend the London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade, which will take place at Lancaster House.


Both Prince Charles and Prince William have continued to use their position to highlight the cause and last year William spoke candidly during an ITV documentary about how close conservation  is to his heart.

“Seeing a badly injured animal such as a rhino, seeing its horn, it’s come, for me, to symbolise human greed,” he said.

“I feel a real protective instinct, also now probably more so now that I am a father, which is why I’m getting quite emotional about it.”

photo credit: lumo2 via photopin cc & photo credit: Jason Simpson via photopin

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