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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall attend Duke of Westminster’s Memorial Service

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been spotted arriving for the Duke of Westminster’s Memorial Service at the Chester Cathedral, to gasps from the crowds. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were also spotted as they arrived at the cathedral.

Around 2,000 people are expected to attend the memorial service for the sixth Duke of Westminster. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor died on 9 August 2016 after suffering a heart attack. He was flown by air ambulance to the Royal Preston Hospital where he died.

There are several road closures in place for the influx of mourners. A briefing sent to Cheshire West and Chester councillors reads: “It is expected that around 2,000 guests will be attending the ticketed service including family, close friends, estate workers, local, national and international VIPs and representatives of charities the Duke had links with. It is anticipated that security around the event will be high, particularly on the day. The police are working closely with the Westminster family to ensure that all guests and members of the public remain safe.” Chester has placed signs up warning the locals of a “major city event” that will affect most of the city centre.

Some guests received formal invitations to the memorial, but national and regional publications also printed notices that you could apply for an invitation. Those who did apply were asked for their connection to the Duke and would have to undergo background security checks and pat downs before the memorial.

Forty private coaches will transport the majority of the guests in and out of the city. The Duke is survived by his wife Natalia Grosvenor, daughters Lady Tamara van Cutsem, Lady Edwina Grosvenor and Lady Viola Grosvenor and his 25-year-old son and heir Hugh Grosvenor, who is now the seventh Duke of Westminster.

  • The Duchess of Milton

    Her title is “Natalia Duchess of Westminster,”not “Natalia Grosvenor.” You managed everyone else’s title, what happened to hers?

    • Alistar Sheridan

      you can call her: Her Grace Natalia Duchess of Westminister. I am horrified to hear ‘Kate Middleton’ used for Her Grace the Duchess of Cambridge

      • rickd12

        You make me puke.

        • Alistar Sheridan

          1. I am serious
          2. not Head boy
          3. Tonbridge is an amazing boys school and one of the best boarding schools in the UK
          4. there is no paedophilia there
          5. I am grateful to my parents for it. It is a great place and I have learned from the best.
          6. I enjoy eating the animals… as do you (i presume)…(cant have meat without killing an animal..) the only difference is mine live free and happy until I catch them and kill them and your meat lives in a cage its whole life until it is killed.
          7. It isn’t worth spitting up good food and wasting it… but I am still repulsed by you.

          • rickd12

            Right you are marster. I pull my forlock in your general direction. Are you repulsed by me because you consider me beneath you socially? If that’s the case you highlight the problem endemic in this country. When the revolution comes, and it will, you and your ilk will be the first ones against the wall. History has a habit of repeating itself. Good day!!

          • Alistar Sheridan

            I do not consider you beneath me. I am not repulsed by that. I am repulsed by your sheer disregard for the truth and beliefs in stereotypes including the assumption that Public schools are full of pedophiles.(listed and refuted above)
            As for the actual accusations you make against me You seem to have no rebuttal for them particularly 4 and 6.
            As for money… Everyone must earn money… If you and your children work hard perhaps your grand sons (or even your own sons) may be able to attend a nice school. If you worked hard and became wealthy t would you despise your grand children for being from a wealthy family? I am not a spoiled wastrel… I don’t get any pocket money £0.00 my father does however work hard to ensure that I will be happy in life and has taught me not to expect things… The only thing I got for Christmas where new rugger boots… I am not like the Rich kids of instdram who burn cash and buy things willy-nilly. My friends are not like that either… most of the upper class is land rich cash poor… We don’t have heating on our old house… and the roof needs to be replaced so the National trust wont take it from us with an endowment… we also cant modify it to be smaller because it is historically listed Grade III. but I am happy with that and don’t at all mind… We drink at the local pub with the local farmers. we are all good friends. we go to church together.

            I would like to know please why you said, in the first place, that I make you “puke”? What have I said to you?

          • rickd12

            It’s the royal sycophantic attitude plus I was drunk. I withdraw my comment as it was clearly in poor taste and I admit I made assumptions based on nothing more than your profile picture and your comments. Peace

          • Alistar Sheridan

            All is forgiven

  • Diana Hockley

    The media always manages to downgrade wives as much as they can. Disgusting.

  • Gianmarco Sabato

    middleslut attempting to steal the spotlight again how disgusting she is

    • Animosity4U

      There is no bigger slut than Camilla — the Queen of Tarts!

    • rickd12

      She is keeping up the tradition

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