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New documentary to explore the “Fab Four”

A new documentary airing in two parts on Friday and Saturday night will explore the new “Fab Four” of the Royal Family.

Will and Kate and Harry and Meghan have been dubbed the Fab Four, new faces of the monarchy in the 21st century, but according to royal commentators, they’re replicating the dynamics of the Royal Family in the ‘80s, when Prince Charles, Diana, Prince Andrew and Sarah were the headline grabbers.

“The Royal Wedding: Legacy and Love” and “The Royal Wedding: A Modern Fairytale” will air on Friday night and Saturday night on the American television station ABC’s 20/20 programme and a bevvy of royal commentators will discuss the new Fab Four.

“While William and Harry have been the stars of the show when it came to the younger generation, for a long time, now it’s their women who are really the focus of all our attention,” says Emily Nash in an interview with the programme. Nash is the royal correspondent for Hello!

PEOPLE magazine’s royal correspondent Imogen Lloyd Webber spoke to the programme as well, speaking in part about the previous “Fab Four” – Prince Charles, Diana, Prince Andrew and Sarah.

“This incarnation of the Fab Four [is] a lot more functional. You’ve got four people in their mid-30s who absolutely know and laser-focused on what they want to achieve.”

“They weren’t particularly functional,” says Webber of Prince Charles, Diana, Prince Andrew and Sarah.

When Sarah, Duchess of York married into the family in 1986, she says that “Suddenly Diana had some partners in crime…Prince Charles, heir to the throne, a good decade older than them all, had to behave.”

Victoria Murphy, the royal correspondent for the Daily Mirror, was also interviewed for the programme. She talks about the stifling protocol that Diana and Sarah pushed against.

“They were sort of thrown into the deep end already and they very much supported each other in that.”

Andrew Morton refers to Will and Kate and Harry and Meghan as “the kind of royal Beatles. They are seen as authentic stars, the people who will drive the monarchy forwards.

“In William, you’ve got the caution, wisdom, and a kind of commonsensical intelligence matched by his wife, who seems, you know, pliable, but also strategic. You have Prince Harry, who is still known as a bit of a lad, bit of a bounder. And who will inject a little bit of fun into the proceedings. Then you’ve got Meghan who is out and out drop dead gorgeous, sexy, charismatic, committed.”

Header video Credit: ABC News and “20/20”

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