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Having Kids urges Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to forgo third child

Those following the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Warsaw last week may have observed the Duchess playfully suggesting that they should try for a third child, in response to the number of gifts they had received for Prince George and Princess Charlotte from dignitaries and well-wishers. While the sentiment was most probably lighthearted, it seems that one organisation is a little alarmed at the prospect.

Having Kids, a San Francisco based non-profit organisation that promotes smaller families in the belief they are more environmentally and economically sustainable, have made the effort to reach out to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in an open letter to urge them to reconsider any plans for expanding their family.

Citing concerns with regards to the effects an increasing population is having on the environment, Having Kids Executive Director Anne Green and the organisation’s President Carter Dillard implored the Cambridges to set an example to Britain, and the rest of the world, by consciously limiting the number of children they have. In particular, their open letter highlighted that studies have shown a link between high population growth and man-made climate change, and have pointed out that Britain in particular is most at risk from extreme weather, rising sea levels, and more severe flooding.

They also expressed their philosophy of family planning being something that benefits every family, as the resources that would have been taken up by a third child are now freed up for other families and their children. Calling this the Fair Start model, Having Kids believes this creates a fairer and more prosperous society overall.

As of yet, no response from the Duke and Duchess has emerged.

The Royal Family has a long history of being public role models, a trend that was first established by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who together set the trend for Victorian middle-class families up until the Edwardian era. Largely a way of distinguishing Queen Victoria from the hedonistic and scandalous antics of her predecessor, King George IV, it helped establish a more sober and moralistic attitude for British public and family life. This influence continues to this day, although to a lesser degree. Typically the Cambridges’ tends to be limited more to fashion than behaviour, with clothes seen worn by the Duchess and her children quickly enjoying spikes in sales, a phenomenon called “the Cambridge effect.”

Responses from the public to the open letter have been mixed. One follower on Facebook decried the letter as “the most ridiculous thing [they] had ever read,” and commented that Having Kids has no right to tell people how many children they can or cannot have.

Already possessed of an heir and a spare, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can probably concede that they have done their duty with regards to continuing the House of Windsor line, and as such no longer have any pressure on them for further children. Whether or not they choose to gift Prince George and Princess Charlotte with an additional sibling is ultimately up to them, and it remains to be seen whether Having Kids has had any impact on their plans for any further pitter-pattering of tiny royal feet.

  • Mrs M

    What fake people!! How dare they. A waste of energy to rise to the rubbish they spout.

  • Olive Sant.

    Let the American organisation mind their own business. How dare they put guilt on our Royals for wanting a family .

  • Angela Frost

    They have a nerve! It’s got nothing to do with anyone, other than William and Catherine, if they want to have more children.
    I wonder if this same organisation encourages Muslims to have smaller families?

  • pandamom1100 .

    This organization should mind their own business. Quit telling the rest of the world how you would like things to be. You people make me sick ,

  • pmilner

    Wow! Now that take nerves! How dare they tell The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge how to plan their future family. I do believe that decision is theirs and theirs alone.

  • toronto questioner

    Nonsense. They should have 4 or more. As many siblings for George and Charlotte as possible.

  • Paul Evans

    the people who have the means to raise kids with the best opportunities are the ones who should breed more not starving people living in the earths armpit

  • Tess Roberts

    I think that company should put a sock in it! Children are a blessing from God.

  • Tracy Gibson

    I think that company has a lot of nerve. Decisions on whether or not to have a child belong to the parents and no one else. “Open letters” to anyone on the subject are in poor taste. How many children do the employees have? Are we privy to that information? How would they like it if we interfered with their decision? Sent THEM an “Open letter”?

  • Carla Jean Lynch

    They should have 10 more, an even dozen. Lol.

  • Nelly

    Not your business ! Not your decision . Not yours to influence. Go off and find something to occupy yourselves with.

  • Liz Weiss

    What a great way to get your unnknown organizations name in the paper.

  • suan pitman

    Good on them for having the compassion for those in the world that have less and the future of all the children in the world. To stand up and speak they were not offensive or forceful they stated their opinion and that is what makes this world a developing place They live an extremely privileged life and I think they are mature strong and sensible enough to make their own decision as to where they want to take their family. Open communication nothing wrong with it. Blessing? Imagine holding a starving child who has no hope for a different life a god would wish that on anyone?.

  • vonvervengarten

    “Having Kids” is a gaggle of modern feminists who have taken the place of men in the “I am your superior” dept. Ladies, don the let ANYONE tell you how to think or how to live, male or female. Anyone who does is trying to control you because they think you are in need of “guidance”. Live your own life for your own purpose!

  • lmgill2

    These people need to mind their own business. They can have as many children as they want. No one is having babies they can’t afford because the Duke and Duchess decide to have a child. Their family size is their business and no one else’s.

  • Elizabeth Mary

    The wonderful photos.All there’s full of joy.I wish for God to grant it.So special family which is perfect gift for all.Each little flower that open ,Each little bird that sings,He made their glowing colors,He made their tiny wings.He brings to you all that blessings and all his love,sent on your way,the new baby to come.Wish you all. Merry Christmas. Fill your heart with good will and cheers.We send you million blessings today and in the New Year.

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