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Duke of Cambridge Attracts Controversy over Drugs Comment

Prince William attracted some controversy earlier this week when he asked whether drugs should be legalised while on a visit to Spitalfields Crypt Trust.

“Can I ask you a very massive question – it’s a big one – there’s obviously a lot of pressure growing in areas about legalising drugs and things like that. What are your individual opinions on that?” Prince William asked three people who have benefitted from the Trust’s work.

“I know it’s a big question, but you seem like the key people to actually get a very good idea as to, you know, what are the big dangers there – what are the feelings?”

Heather Blackburn, one of the people he asked, said, “Most of the people I’ve known in recovery, 95% had massive trauma and terrible stuff happen to them and using drugs to cope, and then you get put in prison, you don’t get the facilities and the actual help you need, you get punished…it’s going to do even more harm, I think.

“You can’t just say, you know, ‘drugs are illegal’ or ‘now we can all go and do drugs’, because it doesn’t stop the fact we’re a nation of people hurting, and we can’t undo all that overnight. It takes a long period of time,” said Grace Gunn, a recovering alcoholic.

The third person questioned said that he didn’t think drugs should be legalised.

Prince William thanked the impromptu roundtable, saying, “Talking to you and being here it feels like a question I had to ask, I appreciate your honesty.”

While the Duke’s comments attracted controversy, it also drew comments from both sides of the debate.

Transform, a pro-legalisation pressure group, released a statement saying, “We are delighted that Prince William has the courage to ask one of the most crucial questions of our time.”

The Home Office also commented, “This Government has no plans to decriminalise drug misuse.”

  • Bramble

    Well what’s wrong with that?

  • Mr. Christian

    First the terrible threesome of the House of Windsor spread voodoo play acting as psychiatrists, and I know because I am board certified in the field, and they are punk kids. Yesterday, Prince Harry with a “diplomatic experience” has been akin to Henry VIIIth and the Pope, was going to both run the Invictus Games, and “negotiate between PM Trudeau and Ivanka Trump.” The initial response from Canada, where stopping oaths to the Queen, were almost ended, was to end some of the Queen’s officers in Canada. If he did “negotiate,” with his vast wisdom, it might be the Governor General, whose role is eliminated. Now it is news that Prince William with immense effort, talked to three people about drugs, and did not use his position (if any Royal should even be involved publically with the question), thanked them, and walked away saying he would think about it. Perhaps he is making a life-style decision or needs to check in for rehab. All, I know is that he used his bully pulpit in a way, that would actually in effect make many take drugs to experiment on their own. I will tell him some personal experience in fighting drugs and drug pushing. If you try to stop drugs in the inner-city, you have to be prepared to get shot. If you organize a gang member to fight drugs he may be shot by pushers or police on the take, as happened to some of my best youth. If as a latter day “moustache Pete,” in a drug mafia–of which there are many and narco-armies–who decides to oppose drugs (say after a family member dies from it), you die as happened with the old Mafioso in the U.S. I could go on from experience for quite some time; but, I seriously doubt that Prince William and Prince Harry will ever be fit to rule after this latest and last publicity escapade. I think perhaps Parliament should examine if they should continue to receive monies on the Civil List. Perhaps if Prince William were to have to work, as the Princess Beatrice and Eunice, he just might grow up. His future subjects should raise this because these two have been pampered and are spoiled fruit. Prince Charles, their father may give them some funds; but, knowing Princess Diana, she would have been appalled. Noblesse Oblige.

  • Mr. Christian

    I do apologize for the sentence structure as even drug legalizer and pusher George Soros would have staged a far better way of promoting drug use in a discussion of the Lindesmith Center or elsewhere than Prince William exhausting himself by talking to three people about it. He should have included drug user Prince Harry. Otherwise I said Prince Harry was supposedly going to enter negotiations with Ivanka Trump, not our First Lady, Melania Trump. The article on this was accompanied with no hint of his brief either from the Queen or PM Teresa May. Melania Trump is a very intelligent woman, who is fluent in four languages, and I fear given her knowledge of the world, that he would end up by embarrassing her, if he ventured into politics to which he has never applied himself, as shown by the near diplomatic crisis the article about him somehow brokering between PM Trudeau and our First Lady occasioned in Canada, where it caused the termination of two officers for the Crown. I strongly urge the Parliament to investigate what is going on with these two Royals so close as they are to the line of succession. Parliament might also want for their Constituents to investigate how placing 116 million British citizens in a psychological diagnostic and treatment program through the Portman Clinic has perhaps already done damage to their own children, Constituents and their voters children. So far for almost a year or more and even after Prince William quit his job, none of the three (The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have been known to undertake any existing Royal Patronage or Charity. They have dawdled at what they please on the Civil List “dole” in their case, rather than be “working Royals,” as other Royals have done.

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