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How seriously does Prince William take his royal duties?

Everything the Royals do or don’t do is closely scrutinized by both the media and the public. The Cambridges haven’t been without controversy. They’ve been dubbed workshy and lazy. Even Prince Harry couldn’t escape that label when his grandparents and father and stepmother worked more than his brother, sister-in-law and him last year. The Duchess of Cambridge was heavily criticised for missing last year’s St. Patrick’s day service where she was supposed to hand out shamrocks.

For Prince William, add disrespectful to a list of criticisms. He was off on a drunken skiing holiday rather than attending an important event for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth as a whole.

His uncle, Prince Andrew also went on a brief skiing holiday, but returned to London in time to attend Monday’s events; and he will never be King yet he knows of the importance the day’s events are to the Royal Family and to the people of the Commonwealth.

And from all reports, Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markel is still going strong. The fifth in line has yet to miss an important royal event. He hasn’t yet cancelled any engagements because he misses her or skipped town to be with her even if that’s something he’d love to do.

Later this year, Prince William is to leave his position as an air ambulance pilot to undertake more royal duties. He and his wife will be working more. I really wonder how seriously he is taking his responsibility as a future monarch. Unlike his uncle and brother who understand how important it is to be professional or the time and place for conducting yourself as a royal who is on duty, Prince William seems to not care about this. He’s fine with thumbing his nose at his royal responsibilities at the most inopportune times.

I recall during the Cambridges’ visit to Canada last year, Prince William botched his dialogue in French. He admitted rather carelessly he hadn’t looked at his itinerary either. I can understand messing up a speech, but not reviewing information your assistants and secretaries have spent perhaps hours putting together to help familiarize you with your working trip is very disrespectful.

I have a deep respect for royalty even though I’m American. I think the platform they have is amazing if used correctly. They can, and do a wonderful world of good if they choose to. They have more privileges than most of us. And to see how Prince William disregards these small things is well, quite sad. But after reading about him missing the Commonwealth day events, I have to admit I’m quite disappointed. I feel sad for the people who are to call him King one day. Yes, he’ll need to make sacrifices; and yes, I’m sure he has had to make tough choices already, but he’s known being King is part of his future. Is the future King now deciding on which ceremonies and events are more important for him to attend then others? The Queen certainly doesn’t have that luxury. Why should he? I think The Queen should address this with him because he obviously doesn’t get it.

If Prince William originally didn’t intend on going to the Commonwealth day events, his wife should’ve gone; as the future Queen, she should’ve been there to represent her husband. Yes, she was home caring for their children, but she could’ve gone to London with them and made it a family affair.

I’m not begrudging Prince William a holiday or time with his friends. The timing of such, this time, was not well planned. He really should’ve thought more about whether to take this holiday when he did.

I doubt Kensington Palace will comment on Prince William’s absence from Monday’s events or his skiing holiday. He should’ve been with his family instead of alone on holiday. This was a stupid slip-up; it shouldn’t have happened this way and if the Palace were to release something short and sweet, they’d be acknowledging that yes, a mistake was made but it won’t happen again. It would let the people know that Prince William isn’t so disrespectful to them and to his duties. Yes, he’s human, and yes, he makes mistakes; this skiing trip being one of them.

What do you think? Am I too sensitive about this skiing trip? Do you think Prince William made a mistake by going? Or are you unbothered by it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Martha Nichols

    He is second in line, not first–there’s plenty of time for him to step into more work for the family firm.

    • guesthere

      Princess Alexandra is out with a broken wrist. Duke of Kent is out for a week with another illness. The majority of people doing the majority of the work for the family firm are pensioners who are far far far down the list of succession. Long past time for the 2nd in line to step up and work much harder.

  • RoyalAustralia

    He most certainly did make a judgement error by not attending the Commonwealth Day service. He doesn’t need reminding that he will one day be the Head of the Commonwealth, but he well needs to be reminded that he is being watched very closely on a number of fronts and this most certainly has not gone down well with staunch Commonwealth supporters. This sort of disrespectful conduct gives the Republican movement in Australia ammunition. Well done Prince William, enjoy the harsh criticism you have brought on yourself yet again.

    • Pauline

      He also disrespected his wife. A married man does don’t conduct himself in the William did last weekend

      • guesthere

        An honorable, thoughtful, happily married man wouldn’t.

        • Carrie

          I dont see where he did anything disrespectful other than go out with old friends and have fun. Did I miss something? Were there women involved?

          • guesthere

            Yes, many. There always are, only this time he was caught publicly.

  • Richard Fee

    How many Royals does it take to light up the Commonwealth Day Celebrations? Surely they all do not need to be there. They must have planning meetings and share out the duties. I doubt it was an individual decision. He will have his day when he will be “on call” continuously. Give the lad a break!

    • guesthere

      The lad is mid-thirties, lazy, and workshy. How much more of a break is he supposed to be given?

      • Leila4

        He dropped from Diana’s exhalted womb – he feels he is owed. His brother is just as lazy, arrogant and useless – by the way, his relationship with the shoddy American gold-digger apparently broke up a few months ago. Tacky, useless Meggie is still working the PR.

    • Leila4

      The lazy scrounger worked 13 days this year. Apparently his own 96 year old grandfather did the same.

  • Ella Hernand

    While it does not look ideal, not every royal is expected at Commonwealth Day services. Charles himself only attended 3 in the last five years, the Cambridges attended 2 and Harry also 2. When Harry missed it 2 years ago, he was on holiday in South Africa. The outrage is created by people and the media, but the situation itself does not warrant such an outcry. William has many things to learn, so allow him to learn. If he didn’t take his royal duties seriously, he wouldn’t be quitting a job the loves to serve his granny by the end of the year.

  • Karen119

    I, too, am an American who is a serious Anglophile and monarchist. I agree with you on this Commonwealth celebration. Only his work as a rescue helicopter pilot should have prevented William from attending. There was no reason that I can see that should have kept Catherine away. They really do need to step up their game. And soon!!

  • Elle

    Let him lead as close to a normal life for as long as he can. Sadly, those days are numbered.

  • Gordon Carmichael

    It is his duty – his job that he is paid (and paid quite handsomely it must be noted) to do – to be available for special national events. He shirked that duty this time for the most frivolous of reasons. Shame on him.

    • Lesleyc

      William isn’t paid for by the taxpayer via the Sovereign Grant, his expenses are currently paid for by the Duchy of Cornwall just as they will be when he eventually becomes Prince of Wales.

      • guesthere

        Duchy of Cornwall is still ultimately taxpayer money. It doesn’t belong to the Windsor family.

        • Lesleyc

          I’m sorry that is not the case. The Duchy of Cornwall is not funded by the taxpayer via the Sovereign Grant. It is a privately managed estate, established by Edward III in 1337. The revenues from the estate are passed to the PoWales (Duke of Cornwall) who chooses to use them to fund his public, charitable and private activities AND THOSE OF HIS FAMILY. The Duchy consists of around 53,000 hectares of land in 23 counties, mostly in the South West of England. The principal activity of the Duchy is the sustainable, commercial management of its land and properties. The Duchy also has a financial investment portfolio. The UK Treasury is involved to provide oversight to ensure that any Duke of Cornwall s unable to compromise the long-term value of the estate – as an example the Treasury must approve property transactions that are valued at more than £500k. The Duchy’s accounts are presented to the hOuse of Commons and House of Lords ensuring that Parliament is satisfied with the Treasury’s responsibilities.

          • guesthere

            No, you’re the mistaken one. The Duchy was established to help fund the instrument of government, which at the time included a monarchy. When the monarchy is thrown out, the Windsor family doesn’t get to keep the Duchy of Cornwall. It goes back to the people.

          • Lesleyc

            Its clear that Windsors would not expect to keep it but as it’s extremely
            unlikely that the monarchy will be overthrown it’s a moot point. However it remains the case that the Prince of Wales is not funded by the taxpayer.

          • guesthere

            It remains the case that the funding that comes via the Duchy of Cornwall is in fact funding that rightfully belongs to the taxpayers. All security for Charles and his line is paid by the taxpayers as well. We’re talking millions upon millions a year.

          • Lesleyc

            If we had a president the money would be spent on them and would still not be seen by the taxpayer so its pie-in-the-sky nonsense and wishful thinking to suggest otherwise.

          • guesthere

            What a ridiculous argument. An elected head of state would not cost 600 million a year. Go look at the Governor General of Canada position for an idea of what could be done by a good, dedicated person in such a position.

          • Lesleyc

            There’s an article on this very site of 18 November 2014 entitled “Think a republic would be cheaper than Monarchy? Think again!” It’s worth reading.

  • Sheree Claire

    I agree that William’s decision to go on holiday rather than attending the Commonwealth Day services is a huge mistake and rather foolish. However, where is the hatred when the Crown Princess of Sweden went on a 2 months break and missed out on the Canadian State Visit? She is the heir apparent to the throne, and should be acting as hosts to the Governor-General and his wife. William is still 2nd-in-line. Missing out on this year’s service does not make him ‘lazy’. Not only is he increasing his engagement numbers, he also has an outside job as an air ambulance pilot. If he wants to take a break, let him take a break. Once he becomes King, I doubt he has any time for friends and family.

    • guesthere

      Nothing many Swedes would blink an eye at though. Most Swedes get a minimum 5 weeks paid holiday every year. The family leave policy in Sweden is incredibly generous, giving the parents 450 days combined that can be taken anytime until the child is 8. And Victoria and Daniel aren’t known for ducking out of duties, lying, and getting caught on vacation.

    • imperfectlaura

      I have to say that I critiqued the handling of Crown Princess Victoria’s vacation, but there are some differences. One, the fact that she was on a vacation and would miss the state visit was known ahead of time. This was very smart by the Royal Court. They controlled the narrative a bit. In this case, the reason we found out is because of paparazzi pics making it completely out of KP’s control. That is really bad PR if you ask me.

      Second, the trips were different. Victoria went on a trip with her family while William went with friends and partied while Kate and the kids were in the UK. I certainly don’t begrudge him a trip with friends, but I think there’s a better time for it than the same time as Commonwealth Day. Again, bad PR.

      Finally, I think there’s a combination of more intense media in the UK and the adversarial relationship William seems to have with the press. It’s certainly understandable, but I think it’s something that needs considering. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel do a good job of having their children at events, releasing pictures, and other things to appease public interest in their family. William and Catherine could do better IMO. Now, like I mentioned, press for British Royals is a whole different ballgame than for Swedish Royals. But I think William and family could do a better job.

      Having said all of that, some of the critiques (not in this article but read elsewhere) are beyond the pale. The accusations of infidelity and saying “Charles and Diana 2.0” are just so ridiculous.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is that there’s a lot of nuance to this situation. One is that the press is blowing it up because it makes headlines. But also true is that this wasn’t the wisest decision, and there were ways he could’ve had a vacation that wouldn’t have looked so bad. And the PR/optics were just handled atrociously. There is plenty of blame to go around in this case, and I think William deserves some of it.

      • Leila4

        Besides we all know now that Bill and Kate’s children aren’t royal and aren’t really theirs. Time they told the truth.

    • Carrie

      I’m quite sure William will still insist on his time with his friends…..King or not. I dont see him being anywhere close to his Granmother’s life commitment.

    • Leila4

      Sweden is not part of the Commonwealth – they have their own problems with a snake-eyed sk$nk her brother married.

  • tulip

    You’re full of criticism for William and Kate so I’d like to ask you if you’ve ever made a mistake. There was plenty of representation at the Commonwealth Day Celebration and both the Cambridges will be increasing their participation this year. Your blaring articles are just inciting controversy where there shouldn’t be any.

    • guesthere

      Her articles are highlighting the laziness and selfishness of the third couple of the land. Plenty of controversy with these two.

    • Leila4

      Nope, worked since I was 16, never was lazy and kept by my parents, never cheated my way through college, always kept my knickers on, never was a beck and call girl, never lied to my country and the taxpayers who supported me, and oh,never faked two pregnancies.

  • UF

    Work? What work? Your valet lays out your clothes. Your cook makes you breakfast which your footmen serve. You chauffeur picks you up whisking you to Westminster Abbey. Dropped at the West Great Door (near the Tomb of your great national hero the Unknown) you enter to the cheers of waiting throngs, shake hands w/ various and sundry nattily robed “clerics”, sit, stand, sing through a service including standing for your nana’s anthem. (Pray they don’t play a second verse so you don’t have to pretend you actually know the words.) Then bye-byes to clergy, more loving cheers, more whisking. This time off to Buckingham for lunch with nana and Commonwealth leaders and you stand around outside shaking more hands with those peripatetic annoying adoring fans. This is WORK? Can anyone (EVERYONE) think of any (REAL) work that is more difficult, pays less, involves much less pampering and privilege and offers more value for money? Has anyone told Wills he’s married? He cavorts til the wee hours with shapely Oz models and his mates under the watchful eye of Royal Security. Doesn’t mind a taste of the devil’s cup a bit (or more) either. What’s he resting from? Is he exhausted from smiling? Is waving taxing? What a crock of crap. He’s just a lazy, spoiled, pampered (maybe horny) brat.

  • Troy Ashwell

    The only thing lazy, disrespectful and unserious is this shoddy article. The Prince William works on an air ambulance, one of the toughest jobs in existence. He served Queen and country in the military. He is a devoted father and husband. When he ascends King Edward’s Chair he will be the first king to have ever had a “job” outside his dynastic duties. He will be the first king since the end of fudalism to understand the life of his people. Once he quits the air ambulance, serving the most imenently vulnerable of his future subjects, we can begin to judge his dedication to royal duties. But while he’s saving lives every day, it’s a bit rich to complain that the man doesn’t go to enough state functions. Anyone with the courage and intestinal fortitude to work on an air ambulance–whether royal or commoner–deserves a holiday.

    • wildrose

      When was the last time this lazy sod worked for the Air Amublance?

      Not a photo op…. not a PR job.

      When did he last do a shift for the Air Ambulance?

      Simple question.

      As for deserving a holiday – niether of them have “worked” enough to have a holiday for years.

      Bill middleton has had more gap years than a dentist can fill and kate has never held down a full time job.

      Do the research… there are plenty of sites which have those details on them.

    • Leila4

      He doesn’t even make part-time hours – so he’s a liar who uses the work and efforts of others to boost himself up. Plus, his 96 year old grandfather does more than he does. Whenever he doesn’t get his way, he brings up his dead mother for sympathy. He has zero honour, integrity or care or respect for others. His pathetic, cheap wife Katie is even more lazy and useless. Don’t think these arrogant, mean-spirited, spiteful and lazy parasites who cannot pull their weight deserve so much praise. Small wonder he doesn’t seem to speak too highly of his so-called children either – we all know they aren’t royal. Wish the truth would be revealed. He doesn’t deserve a holiday – a lazy bum who doesn’t work doesn’t deserve 6 or 8 holidays a year. He is not King material.

  • Mughal_royal1025

    They’ll both be handing out Shamrocks on Friday to the Irish Guards. They’re also going on two state visits this year. They might even attend a distant relative of William’s wedding later in the year.
    As for Crown Princess Victoria’s holiday in the states the press release from the palace said the holiday had been planned for sometime and unlike Wills and Kate she and her husband aren’t critisied for being work shy.
    That being said William and Kate have been given new charities from the Queen. William has said he’s willing to take on more duties. It may be easier for him to to do more when he no longer has a job conflicting schedules and all.

  • Richard Heinz

    The Queen knows the burden of royal obligations with a young family. I thought she was personally encouraging the Cambridges to have some time while their children are young — a luxury she was denied. Rest assured, they will rise to the task as time goes on.

    • Aquarius Anne

      Why are you mentioning his children; he was on a all-boys ski trip. George and Charlotte were home with Katherine and her family. I think Victoria and Daniel’s 2 month vacation with their children was sincere in enjoying their precious time together.

    • guesthere

      You fell for the line the reporters came up with, that HM took two years off in Malta and granted Bill and Kate the same thing? Nope. HM knows, having watched her favorite Sophie for years, that is it possible to raise happy kids AND work hard for the family firm.

  • P. Nickel

    Members of the Royal family regardless of their ranking in line for the throne, don’t just “not show up” for their duties without the Monarch’s full knowledge or permission. If she says “you WILL attend” it’s not a suggestion, it’s a command. William just doesn’t decide to blow off certain ceremonies, he needs the Queen’s permission to miss. Her Majesty knows full well what the rest of their lives are going to look like once they take up the mantle of responsibility. She knows they are young and wants them to be able to enjoy as much of a normal life as is possible before they are required to step into their formal roles when she is gone. People need to quit bashing William and Harry for their supposed lack of taking their roles seriously. We don’t know the first thing about the reality behind the lives they live. I think every one of us would absolutely hate being in their shoes. They have absolutely NO choice about their own lives. It’s all pre ordained for them. Even their day to day is often in the hands of others. They totally deserve our full respect for doing a job that others would find loathsome.

    • guesthere

      They deserve our disrespect for failing to live up to the ridiculous cost, and for failing to take every opportunity to use their unearned position for good.

  • joann

    He is still better than his father Charles who will be the next King..not William. Charles at his age was a play boy and adulterous. Give him a break, if Kate is okay with it that’s what matters.

    • guesthere

      At age 28 Charles founded the Prince’s Trust, which has helped over 800,000 people with job training and starting their own businesses. He has been the most successful, helpful Prince of Wales in history. At 35, Willy boy still can’t get over the fact that he isn’t a co-ed anymore. Binge drinking holidays with the boys and random women? Not ok.

  • regina miskovsky

    I think you’re too sensitive to this issue. He rarely get any “me time”. I always thought he was too serious. I believes he is aware of his role in the Monarchy. He has been taught,raised, and handled for his position since he was conceived. He deserves a break. This is a short one.

    • guesthere

      He has whined about his life since he was a toddler. Time for him to walk out the door, and don’t let the door hit him where the Good Lord split him.


    I admit, it doesn’t look good for him to skip an event such as this. But I do wonder if he can do as he pleases all the time. If the Queen says, attend this, can he actually just not go? Seems unlikely.

    Sometimes I wonder if the Cambridges are actually not invited to attend to allow Prince Charles and Camilla to shine. Is it perhaps a move by the PR dept to make sure the Cambridges don’t steel the spotlight? Needless to say, everywhere they show up, all eyes are on them.

    • Leila4

      Privately, it’s known that Willy and Katie are less than pleasant people – arrogant, high-handed, selfish, mean-spirited and nasty. And Camilla is seen in a good light.

  • guesthere

    The media are doing their jobs, which is more than can be said for Bill and Kate Middleton.

  • AA SF

    Whats waity katy doing? At home waiting for her disco husband to finish his dance moves. Get rid of royalty already — waste of money.

  • Gordon Carmichael

    I look at and love Her Majesty, who sets the example. Sadly, William has inherited some of this mother’s less admirable traits and ignores some of the most important duties the taxpayers pay him to perform. He could ski at other times instead of gong on a drunken and debanched holiday and ignoring one of his nation’s most respected observances. Shame on him.

  • guesthere

    I’ll choose to believe the honest numbers, rather than the fictions of a pro-royal website.

    • Lesleyc

      LOL – then I’m surprised you’re wasting your time here on that same pro-royal website!

  • Rach

    Another American (and monarchist) chiming in – if a bit late.

    This has certainly been a PR disaster, and I agree it doesn’t look good.

    That said, The Queen is the ultimate authority on who attends and who doesn’t – I think we have to assume that she gave her blessing for neither of the Cambridges to attend (and every report is that she has supported their current workload thus far, although I personally believe it’s high time for them to step it up – which they seem to be slowly doing).

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