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Prince Albert of Monaco delivers New Year’s Eve address

His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco delivered the last annual royal address yesterday on New Year’s Eve from the Prince’s Palace in Monaco. A video of the speech was later posted to the Prince’s Palace’s official Facebook page for people to watch who were unable to live.

He began his speech wishing all those watching a fantastic 2018 on behalf of Princess Charlene and himself. His Serene Highness then moved on to discuss how 2017 was marked with “some difficult and dark international news.” However, he said during these moments the world saw “gestures of solidarity and creativity,” adding that these people should be acknowledged and that we should “express our gratitude to those who made them.”

Echoing the climate change sentiments of his counterparts across Europe in their Christmas and New Year’s addresses, Prince Albert said, “I hope that in 2018, international leaders will work for the creation of a world more livable and fairer thanks to a sustainable development focusing on a green economy and the creation of pacifist, open-minded societies, away from the temptation of isolation and of the balance of power.”

His Serene Highness also took time to mention the upcoming election in Monaco on 11 February where he remarked, “I remind you that I respect a strict neutrality and that no one can say they have my support. I wish the debates that will take place to be respectful, serving the harmony and the unity, in the spirit and the respect of our institutions. They proved their efficiency by offering an efficient economic system from which the population benefits. Our strength and our specificities shall not be questioned.”

The Prince of Monaco expressed sympathy with those ill and suffering during this time and made sure to conclude his speech by, again, wishing the Monegasque people a happy 2018 on behalf of the Princely Family. Lastly, he stated about the year ahead, “Let it be serene and successful for yourself and your loved ones. Let’s continue together to pave our way, an original way in this very complex world. Happy New Year to each and every one of you!”

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