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Review: Princess The Early Life of Queen Elizabeth II by Jane Dismore

Released in the United States on 1 June 2018 (and due to be released on 5 July in the UK), Jane Dismore’s Princess The Early Life of Queen Elizabeth II takes a look back, as the title states, at Her Majesty’s young life beginning before she was even born.

While writing my review, I’ve tried not to give too much away, so that you all can enjoy the book for yourselves without it being spoiled ahead of time! It’s a fascinating read!

Photo: Brittani Barger/Royal Central

The book features new information and interviews with family and friends who give their unique insight into The Queen’s young life. Dismore also goes back and provides details and scandals regarding her maternal family that I, for one, had not heard before. Reading it, you get a picture of the Scottish residences that Her Majesty as a young girl ran about with her sister and cousins while visiting her maternal grandparents (who were the Earl and Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne). You also see the influence the Bowes-Lyons had on her upbringing into the wonderful woman and leader she is today.

Of course, the book heavily features her life as a royal beginning with her very first mention in the Court Circular and engagement. It also shows the bond she had with her paternal grandfather and how she helped lift his spirits when he was in ill health.

It goes on to focus on her meeting Prince Philip and life during the Second World War. The 1947 wedding of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh and the early years of her marriage to Philip are touched on, as well as the birth of their first two children: Prince Charles and Princess Anne. As we all know, the shock came when she was just 25: her father had died, and she was now The Queen. Everything then changed.

You can buy Princess The Early Life of Queen Elizabeth II on Amazon US and pre-order it on Amazon UK. For US buyers, it is $12.99 for paperback and $25.12 for the hardcover. In the UK, it is £10.99 paperback and £17.95 hardcover. The book is available with Amazon Prime giving you quick shipping, as well. It’s worth a read for any admirer of Her Majesty The Queen.

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