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Prince George: King George VII or VIII?

Though only two days old, and having only just had his name announced, there seems to be some confusion as to whether the newborn Prince will rule under King George VII or George VIII, when he becomes king in the distant future.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George

The expectation is that Prince George of Cambridge will become King George VII when he ascends the throne, but some have noted that one of new-grandfather Charles’s middle names is also George – meaning he too could rule under that name. The Prince of Wales’s full name is Charles Philip Arthur George and so could choose to use any as his regnal name. The same goes for William Arthur Philip Louis and also for the newborn Prince, George Alexander Louis. (Though Prince George has less to choose from, since royal baby boys tend to have 3 middle names, and royal girls, just 2)

Prince Charles could rule under the name George causing confusion with the newborn Prince

Prince Charles could rule under the name George causing confusion with the newborn Prince

According to Clarence House, Prince Charles will absolutely not rule under the name George, thus negating any uncertainty. Also, for the UK, the Commonwealth and the rest of the world, it would appear and sound odd for the Prince of Wales to go by another name so late on in life. This means if baby George chose to use his first name as king, he would become King George VII, the first George since Queen Elizabeth’s father.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]For evidence of Prince Charles’s possible choice of George VII as a regnal name, click here[/box]

photo credit: Steve Rhodes and University Hospitals Birmingham via photopin cc

  • iliv2bhap

    Prince Charles will absolutely not rule under the name George

    this quote is not seen anywhere what is the source of this statement??

    • Patrick Martin

      I’m a rabid royalist and I categorically recall it reported years ago that Prince Charles stated that he will take the name George when he becomes king for continuity and royal stability.

  • Petronius

    When did Clarence House say Charles would not reign under the name George?

  • Cromwell G. Gutierrez

    Prince Charles should be Charles III and Prince George of Cambridge is to be George VII, GOD SAVE THE KING!!!

  • Timber

    What? It is quite common for recent British sovereigns to go by regnal names other than the ones the public knows them as. Edward VIII was known as “David” for most of his life prior to becoming king. George VI was “Albert” or “Bertie.” Edward VII was also known as “Bertie.”
    Whether Charles becomes Charles III or George VII is his choice, and despite protests from Clarence House NOW that he will reign as King Charles III, there’s far more likelihood that he will reign as George VII when the time comes. He could also be Philip I or Arthur I, though these are very unlikely. It is up to him, when and if the choice becomes his to make.
    Come on, British people, you shouldn’t be having Americans teach you this!

  • James Davidson

    Yes I agree, he should rule under King George VII – I doubt I will see it though 🙂

  • timber72

    Edward VII was Albert Edward, and known as “Bertie” in the family…Vicky wanted him to be Albert-Edward I, but he had other things in mind. It’s totally conceivable that Charles will be George VII.

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