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Review: Princess Diana Book – 20th Anniversary Edition

As 2017 is the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, new publications and documentaries are being released to memorialise the late Princess. Historic Newspapers has published an edition of their newspaper history series about Diana called Princess Diana Book – 20th Anniversary Edition.

The book, which comes in a gift box with your name engraved on the front and a quote of your choice inside, features photographs and newspaper front pages beginning in 1980. The first front page featured is from the Daily Mirror on 7 November 1980 showing Diana with the headline “What would YOU buy Charles for his birthday?”

One of the newspaper pages in the book from the announcement of Diana’s first pregnancy. Photo: Royal Central

The book features newspaper front pages and photos all the way up until the announcement of Princess Charlotte’s name honouring the grandmother she would never know. All of the newspaper pages are printed in black and white up until the 2007 pages. Those have been printed in colour.

I really enjoyed getting to look through these pages, especially being able to see the newspaper pages from the years before I was born (1991). Many of the headlines, I had never seen before, and it was nice to see what these papers focused on and used as headlines throughout the years. Of course, it brought back sadness seeing the headlines from her death in 1997.

I was quite young when Diana was killed in the Paris car crash, but I do remember seeing the news with my parents. For me, Diana was the fairytale princess from a movie, and at the time as a child, I had trouble understanding how a fairytale princess could be killed in a car crash. Looking back on the headlines as an adult, it is certainly a new perspective. This Historic Newspapers book was great to be able to take a look back at history, stories I never had seen before or had long forgotten about. I am glad to have this to add to my library.

A page highlighting the headlines from her funeral in 1997. Photo: Royal Central

The 31 x 38cm book is bound by a hardback leather cover and is a must have for those who admired the late Princess and want to add this to their collection of memorabilia.

The book can be purchased here. Historic Newspapers will donate £5 from every sale to The Diana Award.

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