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    Who is King Carl XVI Gustaf?

    Taking a look at the King of Sweden on his birthday.

    Brittani Barger30th April 2017
  • Blog Posts
    Looking back at the wedding of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth

    The future King George VI and Queen Elizabeth married on 26 April 1923 in Westminster Abbey. Prince Albert, Duke of York,...

    Marianna Bozzoli26th April 2017
  • British Royals
    IML working to save “endangered royals”

    There are a lot of endangered species out there in the world, the majority of them victims of human “progress and...

    Christian Mills26th April 2017
  • Blog Posts
    The Stone of Destiny

    Pictured above: A replica of the stone At first, the Stone of Destiny appears to be little more than a simple...

    Jordan Cavell22nd April 2017
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    The Queen – trusting in God for 91 years

    The new pound coin in the UK bears an image of the Queen’s head, surrounded by the words ‘ELIZABETH II D.G.REG.F.D.’...

    Benjamin Knights21st April 2017
  • Her Majesty The Queen
    91 facts about The Queen

    As The Queen turns 91-years-old, Royal Central takes a look at some interesting, funny and sometimes bizarre facts about the monarch....

    Charlie Proctor20th April 2017
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