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The Yorks

Sarah Ferguson jokes that she will be “the best mother-in-law” because of her love of tequila

Sarah, Duchess of York, has joked that she will be “the best mother-in-law” because she and daughter’s fiance share a love of tequila.

Sarah Ferguson appeared on The One Show on Friday evening where she spoke of her family life and the upcoming wedding of Princess Eugenie to Jack Brooksbank.

When asked what type of mother-in-law she will be, Sarah replied: “The best – the good news is Jack also works as the European Manager for Casamigos Tequila, so I am perfect.”

The Duchess also joked about the confusion Jack brings to the York Family as Jack is also the name of their pet dog.

She said: “Andrew is brilliant because he says ‘Jack! Get off that chair!’ – so son-in-law Jack jumps up going ‘ahhhh god – what have I done now?'”

Sarah also gave some advice to her future son-in-law. She said: “The thing about Andrew and I is that we go with our hearts, we go with family unity – we really believe in that.

“You can see that – the York Family unity and it is all about just seeing the light in life and Jack is an amazing bringer of light, and he brings joy.

“I just say to Jack always just stay yourself, and I say that to anybody – I keep saying it to myself – sitting here is terrifying seeing you two on the BBC

On whether she would make a good grandmother, the Duchess replied: “Excellent – I used to write children’s books, and I am a child, I haven’t grown up.”