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The Yorks

Sarah, Duchess of York appears on The One Show to preview Princess Eugenie’s wedding

Sarah, Duchess of York, made an appearance on The One Show sofa on Friday evening where she talked about her new charity and the upcoming wedding of her youngest daughter, Princess Eugenie.

Speaking of the wedding, Sarah said: “Eugenie is very controlled – she is so sorted. She knows exactly what she wants.

“Jack and Eugenie are very contemporary, they are very inclusive, and they are all about love, and they want this wedding to be about that – to include everybody and to really absorb the love they have for each other with everybody else.”

When asked whether she had an outfit prepared, the Duchess revealed that she hadn’t because she has “been a little bit busy organising.”

She added: “I do understand why mothers cry at weddings now. All my life I thought ‘oh, what’s she crying for’? It’s lovely, it’s a great day.”

Princess Eugenie will marry Jack Brooksbank in October in St George’s Chapel – the same venue where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wed in May.

The Duchess of York also appeared on The One Show to talk about two of her charities, Street Child and Children in Crisis, merging together to create the new international development charity Children in Crisis.

The merger, which will create a charity with a combined annual group income of £14m, will allow her charities to have a greater impact and reach more children in poverty across the world.

Children in Crisis was founded by Sarah, Duchess of York, in 1993. It has had a far-reaching impact across Sierra Leone, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Afghanistan.

More than 1,000,000 children have been helped through the charity work, and over 60 schools have been built.