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Princess Eugenie opens up about her hopes for son’s future

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Princess Eugenie opened up about her hopes for her newborn son, August, in a new interview discussing her work with the anti-slavery organisation she co-founded.

In an interview with CNBC’s Finding Solutions with Tania Breyer that aired on Wednesday evening, the new mother said, “I think my child, hopefully, will be one of those people who will continue to see the world as a place that can be changed.

“I would love people to continue to have hope that we can make a difference. I hope that the world will be a place where my child can have hope and continue to know that they can make a big difference.”

Speaking about her work with the Anti-Slavery Collective, which she and friend Julia de Boinville launched in 2017, Eugenie said that it was formed following a visit the two took to India in 2011.

“We met this amazing group of people called the Women’s Interlink Foundation. We learned from them just the extent of what modern slavery is, this term that is used. And we kind of came back to England, and we were like, right, we’re going to do something about this, let’s just become like secret spies and learn everything we can about the modern slavery world,” she said.

Eugenie continued, saying that one of the biggest challenges for helping to stop modern slavery is that “it’s very much a hidden crime; it’s something that people might not be necessarily aware of, it’s maybe in your nail bar, or at your car wash, or your clothes you’re wearing.

“You know modern slavery is such a big term, but I think it can be cut down into different sort of headings, like domestic servitude, or sex trafficking, or different terms like that.”

On the Anti-Slavery Collective’s website, it notes that after spending their time researching and exploring how to help stop this problem, “The answer was always raise awareness. So this became our mission.”

Eugenie has made this a cornerstone of her public work. The Princess, who is 10th in line to the British throne, gave birth to her first child, August Philip Hawk Brooksbank, on 9 February.

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