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Prince Andrew reported to police for theft and misconduct in public office

Northern Ireland Office via Flickr CC

The Duke of York has been reported to the police over allegations of theft and misconduct in public office.

Graham Smith, the CEO of anti-monarchy group Republic, tweeted that he has reported the prince to the Metropolitan Police over the allegations which were published in the Mail on Sunday.

According to the newspaper, Prince Andrew is reported to have promoted a Luxembourg-based bank owned by his multi-millionaire friend David Rowland & his family

During his time as trade envoy, the Prince is said to have allowed the Rowland family to book meetings into his official tours for the purpose of promoting their bank and attracting clients.

The Duke has also been accused of sharing private government documents with the Rowlands.

Taking to Twitter, Mr Smith tweeted: “I’ve just reported Prince Andrew to the Metropolitan Police for theft and misconduct in public office. The accusations in today’s Mail on Sunday are very serious, the taking of confidential documents and handing them to a friend is, if proven, a breach of the law.”

In response to the allegations made by the Mail, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said: “The Duke was the UK’s Special Representative for International Trade and Investment between 2001 and July 2011 and in that time the aim, and that of his office, was to promote Britain and British interests overseas, not the interests of individuals.”

Chris Bryant, who was a Foreign Office Minister at the time Andrew was trade envoy, has called for an inquiry to be held into the allegations.

He said: “I don’t think he [Andrew] has ever been able to draw a distinction between his own personal interest and the national interest.

“It’s morally offensive. Either the Foreign Affairs Committee or the Public Accounts Committee should launch an inquiry into this.”

The Duke of York did not respond to a comment request made by the Mail on Sunday, and the Rowlands declined to respond for legal reasons.