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The Yorks

Praise for Emily Maitlis following her forensic interview of Prince Andrew

Praise has flooded in for Emily Maitlis, the BBC journalist who forensically questioned Prince Andrew on his connections to Jeffrey Epstein and the allegations made against him by Virginia Roberts.

Ms Maitlis, who is the lead presenter on BBC Newsnight, was given exclusive access to the Duke of York for a 50 minute interview inside Buckingham Palace.

The interview was no holds barred, with the BBC asking unvetted questions that needed to be answered.

Reporter Adam Payne tweeted: “This is absolutely surreal. Fantastic, forensic interviewing by Emily Maitlis. Who on Earth is advising Prince Andrew?”

TV cook Nigella Lawson said: “My love and admiration for Emily Maitlis grows by the second.”

Journalist Mark Di Stefano wrote: “Dear…. lord….. give me the confidence of this man agreeing to an interview with Emily Maitlis.”

Meanwhile, Paul Ralphs tweeted: “So who do we think will play Emily Maitlis in the next season of The Crown?”

In a poll conducted by Royal Central, 85% of participants said Ms Maitlis came off better than the Duke in the interview.

Reaction from political leaders is expected to come in tomorrow, with party leaders keen to air their views in the middle of a general election campaign.