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Well done grandma! Sarah, Duchess of York praises The Queen

Sarah, Duchess of York, has praised the Queen in regards to her daughter, Prince Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank.

The Duchess referred to the wedding as “so memorable.” Speaking exclusively to HELLO! the proud mum thanked Her Majesty for the ceremony that took place on 12 October.

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“I cannot be more grateful to Eugenie’s grandmother for making this day so memorable. I am so grateful for all the hard work and kindness behind the scenes to make such a special day for our daughter.”

Sarah also touched on her daughter’s bravery to reveal her scar on her special day. Eugenie had surgery on her spine when she was 12 for scoliosis.

“I was so proud of Eugenie standing tall and showing her scar. She is an inspiration to young women everywhere.”

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Sarah married Eugenie’s father, Prince Andrew, in 1986. Ten years later, the pair divorced but still remain close friends. The pair threw a reception for Eugenie at the Royal Lodge, the mansion where the two currently still live together. Touching on the closeness between her former husband and two daughters, Eugenie and Beatrice, Sarah told Hello!

“We’re a family unit and we lead by example.”

Sarah has also shared several photos from Princess Eugenie’s big day, writing on Instagram, “Andrew and I are proud to welcome Jack to the York family…So proud of Eugenie and Jack.”

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